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Dec 5, 2006 05:59 AM

So Orange County - Butcher and Latin Market Search

I am looking for a good butcher and latin market to buy a pork shoulder for pernil and ingredients (like pigeon peas) for latin dinner -- Any recommendations in South Orange County? Thanks!

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  1. I'm at a loss for South County recommendations, but let me know if you want some central/north Orange County recs.

    I think San Clemente and SJC would be the placed to look, though, old-style amenities are usually found in the older communities, and both have a significant Hispanic population.


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      Thanks for your recommendations ---I'd really appreicate any recs for Central and North too - Thanks! d

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        I'd be grateful for any recommendations for quality butcher shops in North or Central Orange County. I'm in Fullerton, and I've just started my search. I'm really looking for a place that sells naturally farm raised meat (chicken, pork, and beef). If it's organic, too, that's great, but not essential. Any ideas?

      2. You should probably give up on finding a great South County Mexican/Spanish market. The demographics just don't support it.

        Outside of Santa Ana, I would suggest El Metate in Costa Mesa on 19th Street. Gigante just opened a huge store in Orange on Chapman and Hewes.

        There is also a terrific meat market in Orange on Tustin and Collins, but I forgot the name. I get Carne Asada there all of the time.

        All of these places I mentioned are also very clean and sanitary compared to others I have been.

        1. cdmedici --

          Ohhh - I was afraid of that... Thank you for your reply - I am going to look into your suggestions tho!

          1. There is a really good carniceria in Tustin and 5 freeway. Its in the center near Dhosa Palace.

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              Perfect! Close to my office - I will check it out. Thanks for your help.

            2. If you are looking for an actual "butcher" in South County try El Toro Meats. Not hispanic, just a real butcher that probably has what you're looking for as far as pork shoulder goes.