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Dec 5, 2006 04:53 AM

Metaline, WA and Nelson, BC via Spokane

We are heading to both places(coming from the Spokane area) this weekend. We want to see the falls but plan to stay in Nelson.
Any must see/do/eat along the way and in/around Nelson?
It's short trip Thursday-Sunday, driving in and back.
Any suggestions would be great!

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  1. For Nelson, a search in the Canada section (or western Canada?) should turn up a some threads. Nelson is reputed to be the Birkinstock distribution center for all of SE BC, and has a matching food scene.

    Between Spokane and Nelson there isn't much, except some nice views, and a few small towns. The Moon Handbook for Washington mentions a bakery and cafe next the historic hotel in Metaline Falls.


    1. Please note, British Columbia chow is discussed on the Western Canada board, and we have moved some of the replies to this thread to that board.

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        Okay I just wish "Jackson Hole" wasn't in the title as I intend to add other restaurants...can that be changed to Nelson, BC (Dec. 2006)?

      2. Someone posted something about Karen's Kitchen in Kettle Falls having legit huckleberry pancakes, but I haven't been up to try it. My mom says it's pretty much a culinary wasteland up there (she lives in Ione, near Metaline).