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Dec 5, 2006 04:00 AM

i need to make someone fall in love with LA/OC

I'm from the LA/OC area, but i haven't been back in 2 years. I'm coming home for a couple weeks and i have a special person coming to visit me. i need make him fall in love with this place so i can move back...where should we eat?

in LA, i wanted to go to places that are unique to LA, they can be nice or just hole in the wall great places to eat, just special...i was thinking anything from pink's, the counter, spago, roscoe's, katana, matsuhisa, soma...we'll be here a couple days, i would love any ideas...and i'd prefer to stick to mid-wilshire, west-LA, and south. thanks!

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  1. On Third Street Promenade, Monsoon for the gorgeous, comfy, romantic island decor and pretty good food (especially tuna deckers appetizer - and good drinks).

    Taverna Tony in Malibu (at Cross Creek) or through the canyon to Saddle Peak Lodge game restaurant in Calabasas.

    Try to drive the pretty routes, not the ugly ones. When in doubt, hug the ocean or the Santa Monica range.

    1. In Orange County:

      Beachcomber Cafe in the Crystal Cove State Park (North Laguna Beach). Literally steps from the sand on a scenic beach, with rather good food to boot. Can't think of a better place to sip a drink and stare off at the water.

      Thanks for reminding me I need to post photos and write about it on my blog.

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      1. re: Professor Salt

        Prof- Can you give me some more details about this place? I've been meaning to check it out but the logistics of parking, finding it, etc etc have kept me away. I know its at the base of the Shake Shack, but that's about all I know. Also, what are the prices like?

        1. re: MEalcentric

          Here's another link to recent discussion on Beachcomber's. There's a reference to a website which you can check out the menu. I am planning to check the food out during our January stay (the location is pretty scenic/romantic).

        2. re: Professor Salt

          yes, drive down the coast to this place. the coastal drive is amazing to someone from the east coast.laguna beach itself is gorgeous on a sunny day which we have a lot of.

          1. re: choctastic

            hello, on the theme of the south OC coast, we're not from the area but visit OC regularly. The nicest excursion we took was through Laguna Beach and Dana Point, lovely public beaches, flowering trees and shrubs, a great contrast to the urban sprawl which might appeal to the 'tarheel'. Ended up in San Juan Capistrano, strolled the mission grounds and gardens for an hour, and had the best lunch of the vacation at the Ramos House, in their pleasant patio next to the old house. They do Calif-inflected Southern classics with home grown ingredients, if the 'tarheel' should miss the home grub. have a great winter, friendly 'hounds of LA/OC!

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          1. Don't forget to take a long walk on the Santa Monica beach and then liqour them up at the Ivy athe Shore. Putty in your hands...

            1. Dine at the Getty restaurant for an incredible view of LA and a unique museum experience.

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              1. re: chica

                Here are the things that non-LAers have like most in my experience:

                > View from the Getty (but avoid eating the mediocre food)
                > Malibu (From Pepperdine you go across the street there is a nice park to picnic with dramatic ocean views... you can do a very short hike from there to the ocean & walk in a secluded beach among some pretty fabulous houses)

                > Hollyweird is always a good attraction (how can you not move to place with Batman walking in the streets)... along the same vein the Venice Boardwalk (stop at a couple of the nice hotels for drinks)

                > Sawtelle Blvd for Japanese
                > Mar Vista Oaxacan & Taco crawl
                > The Grove Farmers Market (The shredded beef taco from Loteria Grill alone would convince most people to move to L.A... or at last that is what Bon Appetit thought when they declared it one of the 5 best dishes in North America)