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Dec 5, 2006 03:58 AM

desperately seeking....amaretti

Please help me! I'm desperately seeking amaretti in Toronto. Not the hard, crunchy kind (Lazzaroni), but the softer kind. It's the one "must" on my dad's Christmas list. I can't stand the pressure :)

PS: There was a brand I used to get at Magnolia (now closed) called Amaretti Virginia (I think). This or similar would be of great help.

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  1. try seafood depot (in woodbridge on weston between steeles and hwy 7). i cant remember the name of the company that makes them, but im pretty sure they are the soft kind of amaretti. they are in a cream coloured box...the same company also makes cantucci. i think that is your best bet.

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      yup, i found them...i went to seafood depot this weekend, and i saw them. They are made by SAPORI SIENA..yellowish box. They say MORBIDI on the box which means "soft".

    2. I'd probably pay Pusateri's a visit. Seems the most likely place. The Avenue Rd location is bigger and better than the Yorkville one, but they're both pretty good.

      1. Grande Cheese or Lady York Foods. Or any of the many Italian grocery stores on St. Clair West. I don't know if they carry them, so I'd call ahead.

        1. If you are talking about the ones that are soft and covered in powdered sugar and almonds, then the only place I have found it is Tre Mari bakery.

          1. Britannia Italian Bakery in Mississauga.

            I know it's not Toronto, in fact it's not even close. But they make several different varieties of amaretti: crescent shaped ones with almond or other nuts, as well as these pinched ones that have lots of almond paste with a hint of lemon. I pick some of these babies up most weekends. They are devine.