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Dec 5, 2006 03:45 AM

China Pan - Farmington/New Britain CT area

Wanted to thank the hounds for a fine meal at China Pan - its an unprepossessing location, 1600 South East Road, in a strip mall behind Borders, just So of the West Farms Mall. Convenient to Farmington and I-84 travelers, too.

We ordered from the special shanghai and dim sum menu (you have to ask - it is a green laminated sheet). The dishes we had, sauteed bean leaves (pea greens?), shredded pork and dried beancurd with fresh green chiles and salt and pepper squid, and the shredded pork and pickled cabbage soup with beancurd were all very good (the squid was the least good, like everywhere else, its getting to be breaded, but it was still very appreciated by our guests.Flavors were very clear and fresh, excellent.

I would have loved to try the shanghai dim sum, but its only Sat-Sun, 11-3. Also some of the stuff in clay pots some of the other guest were ordering...

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