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Dec 5, 2006 02:52 AM


Looking for a huge extravagant (preferably vegan) salad. I'm Tired of your basic mixed greens and balsamic. Any out of this world salad combos I should seek out? thanks.

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  1. greek salad at turkish restaurant TAKSIM
    any salad at FREDS AT BARNEYS
    lardon salad at PAYARD AND PASTIS
    blue cheese salad at OUTBACK
    tuna sashimi salad at NOBU

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      hardly vegan suggestions but sound good...
      my favorite (non vegan) salad is kyona salad at Yakitori Totto, with tiny fried fish, cream cheese, nori and half-cooked egg...

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      1. Even though Mesa Grill has seen better days food wise, I still love Sophie's Salad...although it does contain cheese. It's a delicious chopped salad with chick peas and red beans, shredded romaine, diced tomatoes, a dice of monterey jack and cheddar...and I forget what else. Nice kicky balsamic vinaigrette that has a few hard to decipher secrets. I just recreated (or tried to) the salad for a bachelorette party potluck dinner, and it got rave reviews.

        One of the best salads in the world is the house salad at Dojo's in the East Village. It's really basic, but their carrot miso dressing is like no other. You'll lick the plate.

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          I love the carrot dressing--have you figured out the recipe???

          1. re: marlie202

            I make that dressing all the time, from Bittman in the NYTimes 10/25/06. It requires Times Select membership to view it. Email me for more info,

            1. re: kenito799

              I made that recipe as well, and don't get me wrong, it's good, but it doesn't beat Dojo's. There's something about the way Dojo's makes it that is magical, I've literally licked the plate. Hahaha.

        2. Candle Cafe on the Upper East Side has plenty of delicious vegan-friendly salads. Actually, I'm pretty sure the entire menu is vegan-friendly.

          1. I ate a lovely unusual salad the other day--garbonzo beans,red beans and sliced black olives in a spicy mayonaise dressing--was delicious-and unusual. Try it..