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Long Island City - Where should I eat?

I will be visiting Long Island City on Saturday night and would appreciate some recommendations about where to eat and what to order.



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  1. I will be visiting long island city saturday night too, so i second the request for recs.

    I was thinking of trying the coal oven pizza place (i forget the name. how packed would it be on sat. around 7 or 8?

    1. I think it's called Bella Via.

      1. Manducati's is always an interesting night out.
        Ask what's on the stove and order it.
        Tournesol is another option.

        1. Dazies Restaurant - 39-41 Queens Boulevard - has great Italian cuisine. Probably one of the best restaurants in the area. www.daziesrestaurant.com

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            ughhh.. i have to disagree. dazies' food has been awful the 3 times i have been there. it has been a while, but my major complaint was rubbery chicken. definitely was nuked. all the attention and 15 million member wait staff does not compensate for bad food.
            the bar isn't bad. nice for an after dinner drink, but dine somewhere else!

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              if you're in the mood for old school italian, go across qb to 43rd and greenpoint. hit up mario's. much much better and you'll save a bunch!

            1. 1) bella via - i really like bella via. the pizza looks scrumptious, but the time i went i was craving pasta so i had the homemade gnocchi. it was really good. the mussels were also very fresh and plentiful.

              the atmosphere was nice - there was a family dinner going on in the back and a nice murmur amongst all the couples there.

              2) tournesol - also really like it but avoid the foie gras at all costs. that one dish really ruined my tournesol experience.. everything else was good.

              3) brasil coffee house - good coffee, funky atmosphere though.

              4) lounge 47 - stop by for a drink.

              1. What was wrong with the foie gras? I was planning on getting it.

                1. it tasted like it came right out of a can. not that i'm some foie gras expert, but i like it when it's delicate enough to sorta melt on your tongue... not just a square lump of fat! blech! maybe it's changed.

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                    Last time I went I had the foie gras and it was really good: super delicate and definitely had the melt in your mouth quality. Perhaps you went on an off-night? Or maybe they ran out of their usual stuff?

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                      i do hope it was an off night, i remember reading here that some people had different experiences there depending on time & night they went to tournesol.

                      all other meals i've had there were very good, so the bad foie gras was not enough to stop me from returning.

                  2. Lounge 47 is a great place. Mix of drinks and food are hard to beat. Has items like Wasabi Deviled Eggs, Samosas, Mango & Goat Cheese Salad, a (Time Out Top 100 in New York) Burger served with amazing Chipotle Mayo, Lamb Sandwich, Mac and Cheese etc etc. Really something for everyone and its really relaxed but the service is spot on. I'm a LIC local and go there at least once a week. Can't wait for the warm weather to go back into their cool garden. I think you would enjoy it alot.

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                      like lounge 47 quite a bit, especially the lamb sandwich.

                    2. As an alternative, try Malagueta for sublime brazilian dishes and incredible desserts (try the flan AND passion-fruit mousse!) Very highly recommended.

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                        Definitely a good choice! http://www.chowhound.com/topics/247897

                        If you include 36 street as part of Long Island City (and it is so close!) you also have Arharn Thai and Cafe Jhill for Bangladeshi.

                        Jhill: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/247959

                        Arharn: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/248111