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I hate burritos, but love chile relleno burritos

I just had one of these beauties at La Cascada in Berkeley. If you know of anywhere else I can order these, please tell me.

Funny, many taquerias have burritos, have chile relleno, but refuse to make the former with the latter. I just love 'em.

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  1. So is that just a burrito with chile relleno instead of meat? So it would have rice, beans, chile relleno, etc. etc. What else do you get in them. Have you really had people refuse to make that for you? Seems easy enough, but I've never thought of it.

    Dave MP

    1. La Casona Taqueria @ 24th & Sanchez in SF has chile relleno burritos on the regular menu -- flour, spinach, wheat or sun dried tomato tortilla, beans/rice & whatever else you want on it.

      Their menu can be hit-or-miss, but the chile relleno burritos have always been decent whenever I've ordered them. It seems that they go though enough of them to make sure that they're consistently freshly-made. Not sure I'd make a trip across the Bay for them... but if you're in the area, they're good, fast and moderately cheap (given the location).

      1. El Burrito Express on Taraval by 26th Ave also has Chili Relleno Burrito. Haven't tried it so don't know if it's good.

        1. El Farolito at 24th and Mission. I've enjoyed the chile rellano burrito many times. The staff is very friendly. However, I always take out because I don't like the ambience.

          1. El Metate on harbor in Belmont makes them

            1. finding a decent chile relleno is a nice trick,
              finding a GOOD one likely a combination of luck and timing,
              they ought to be made fresh to order, but since they can be
              sort of complicated, many places make a bunch ahead of time,
              then warm them up to serve, which usually leaves one with
              some manner of disappointment...
              there's a wee hole in the wall on San Pablo in Richmond,
              Tres Hermanas, where you can find a pretty good relleno and
              I am sure they can put it in a burrito for you. There are
              some folks that recommend Portumex (also in Richmond) over
              on yelp ( http://www.yelp.com/biz/MtsLO1EPCgvLA... )

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                "finding a GOOD one likely a combination of luck and timing,
                they ought to be made fresh to order, but since they can be
                sort of complicated, many places make a bunch ahead of time,
                then warm them up to serve, which usually leaves one with
                some manner of disappointment"

                Yeah that is an understatement... making a fresh Chile Relleno from start to finish takes about 15 minutes of devoted cooking (if you are very efficient)... so at $12 per hour ($10 Wages plus Payroll Taxes etc.,)... that is $3 of direct labor without including cost of ingredients & overhead... yet the market wants to pay $3 for a Chile Relleno.

              2. I like Tres Hermanas, but just a warning that the head Hermana is a, uh, force. Not sure how accomodating she would be. I checked my Portumex menu and they don't have them.

                This is driving me crazy because there is someplace I've seen this in the East Bay ... it struck me as different ... and I just can't recall where.

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                  I am completely shocked that they are this rare up here... in L.A. its seems every place serves them.

                2. The only one I've ever has was at El Toro at 17th and Valencia. It was about twice the size of a normal burrito, and probably had twice as much fat. Either way, it was brilliant.

                  1. Is El Metate in Belmont related to El Metate in San Francisco?

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                      i don't believe so... but it is wonderful, expecially the homemade green tomatillo salsa, fresh salsa and the shredded beef

                    2. Got it ... it was in SF tho ... Pancho Villa ... didn't try it, so others will have to say if it was any good. There are three locations in SF ... one next to the Ferry Building ... and one in San Mateo ... website has addresses.

                      As long as I have my menus out ... Mexico au Park in South Park SF has them.

                      1. I have an old post in my desk for a place in Berkeley, 2309 San Pablo called Gallego's, across from East Bay Nursery, that recommends their chili rellenos and says the poster orders them in a burrito. Is it still there? If so, still good? How lazy that I have had this printed off for 2 years and haven't gotten there...

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                          Yep, Gallego's is still there. I can't imagine their menu has changed at all. Here's that report about the chili rellenos and two more recent reports about other food.

                        2. You might need a time machine and a private investigator, but many years ago, my girlfriend of the time had one at a Mexican place in North Beach that she loved so much we would drive there for Mexican food even when I live in The Mission. I think it was on the same drag as Bimbo's. Can't be too many taquerias there, so it might be worth a some investigation, but not too much, as this tip has an old grey beard on it by now...

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                            Taqueria San Jose #3 is still tenuously open. From this recent post, it seems like it changed owners about a year ago.

                          2. Los Hermanos Chestnut at Fillmore makes a fresh, delicious Chile Relleno for the burrito, the only place in town that I've had them fresh made for burritos. I order the plate but my friends love the burrito.

                            Not a great taqueria, just very close to me.