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Dec 5, 2006 01:17 AM

Indianapolis airport to Richmond


I am driving with from Indianapolis Airport to Richmond to check Earlham college. Any food suggestions?


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  1. Since you are going to have to drive across Indianapolis you might want to go to Shapiro's at 808 S. Meridian St. We have made that drive a number of times and between Indy and Richmond it is pretty much a wasteland of interstate.

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      Thanks - maybe sounds like a good lunch stop

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        Shapiro's is a good choice for the food and its close proximity to the exit ramp off of I-70. It's right at the end of the exit/on ramp. Another good choice that's a bit farther, but still very close to I-70, is The Bosphorus ( ), which is a very good Turkish restaurant.

      2. Yup, you're pretty much looking at eating in Indy (lots of choices) or in Richmond.

        I always love going to the Oceanaire in downtown Indy for wonderful seafood. Plus, it's easy and cheap to park in the underground garage at the Circle Center (enter on Maryland, around the corner from the Oceanaire).

        This topic discusses a lot of the higher-end places in Indianapolis: I haven't tried most of them but am looking forward to doing so based on those suggestions.

        1. My daughter is in her second year at Earlham (loves it!). If you take U.S. 40 instead of I-70, there are some interesting small-town restaurant possibilities, although I haven't tried them. This is really a lovely, scenic drive, and you avoid all the heavy truck traffic on 70. It only takes a few minutes longer. In Richmond, try Sacred Grounds for lunch -- terrific sandwiches.

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            Thanks for the advice on US 40. Being a New York City family we have not a clue about Indiana. Glad to hear your daughter likes Earlham. My son is a junior and we are just beginning the crazy college search

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              I'm originally from this area (although I've lived in NY for 30 years) and return to visit family. US40 is definitely the way to go. If you want fine dining, stick to Indianapolis or Bloomington (OK, Bloomington is a bit of a detour)- but if you are just looking for a decent lunch stop, I would pick Centerville. It's a charming old town with lot's of mom & pop shops-my choice in order would be Adair's Spice of Life, Jag's (open odd hours-I think open for lunch on weekends), and Station Stop (in the Webb's Mall)-take a look at the brochure for details/location.


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                Thanks for the info - we definitely were looking for decent food in the Richmond area, the Centerville recommendations are great.

          2. I was in greenfield a while back and had a couple fast food style double cheeseburgers at this spot just south of 70. They were pretty good, but it may have been all the bourbon I had drank. It wasn't a chain, and they were 99 cents a piece. Its just south of 70 on the right in a USA or BP gas station, just before knights inn i think.