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The Best Pizza

I ate the best pizza in toronto at danforth. There was this little old man all by himself making the pizza's and I forgot what the name of the place was and also what it was called. My friend brought me there and i had no sence of direction of the area. does anyone know of it? Also where else is there good pizza joint in the GTO?

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  1. That's all you've got? It's on the Danforth, and there was a little old man all by himself making pizzas? That's not much to go on.

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      Note that Danforth Pizza House (my favourite take out place also!) is between Donlands and Pape, not Donlands and Greenwood, very close to Masellis Brothers Grocers (awsome prosciutto made on the premises). The guy who makes the pizza is from Napoli nad has been making pizza at this location for 30 years. There are limited toppings, and he does not deliver. My favourite is hte House Special: I always ask that they add anchovies, and then I throw some capers onto it when I get it home. Heaven.

    2. You are talking about Danforth Pizza House (north side between Donlands and Greenwood - 920 Danforth. It is still there, and so is the man. It is my favourite pizza in Toronto. Very simple pizza with traditional toppings. Closest to NY pizza I have had in the city. Take out, no delivery, pizza and drinks (brio too), no slices. Yummy!

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        I agree wholeheartedly agree and should thank you for pointing this place out to me in another thread. It was by far the best pizza I've had in TO. Browned cheese, crisp crust, plain and slightly salty sauce. It was great! I found it a tad overcooked (too much of the blackened leopard print bottom) and will ask if he can pull it out about 3-5 minutes early next time.

      2. I take it back - apparently that is enough to go on. :)

        1. Just realized I forgot the phone number - 416 463-4927. enjoy!

          1. oops, sorry, yes west of Donlands, you are right bluedog.

            1. DPH is indeed a good pie. That strech of danforth actually used to have quite a few hound spots back when it was more southern Italian.

              1. I recently discovered Danforth Pizza House and wholeheartedly agree. Angelo has been in the same spot for years (and it looks it) but the pizza is fantastic. And I like how well-done the crust is - desirable char fer sure!

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                  OH, I was there last week. Angelo has no plans on moving along. He said that last week was one of his busiest ever.

                2. What can I say?
                  Angelo is the man. He serves up the old school pizza better than anyone else. I gave up trying to find a better pizza. Don't bother asking for delivery, they don't do it, they don't need to.
                  The restaurant is very plain, but you can sit down, have a Brio, and scarf down a few slices.
                  I suggest the House Special (with or without anchovies). Here's what you do: you place your order, pick it up in 20 to 25 minutes and take it home to enjoy.
                  Nothing better.

                  And oh, if you ever get up to Sharbot Lake or Bob's Lake, there is a Pizza House called The Maples that makes an awesome pizza as well. ;)
                  And of course I am speaking of the old Danforth Pizza House.

                  1. I like Danforth Pizza. Be aware Angelo puts the toppings underneath the cheese when dressing the pizza. He's also very liberal with the cheese so if you don't like your pie really cheesey, you might have him ease up on the cheese a bit. A large, three topping pizza costs $18.00.

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                      Agreed about the cheese.
                      The Mrs. and I are addicted to the, Double Cheese, House Special, no anchovies.
                      Some people call it a hole in the wall. You don't go there for the atmosphere, just the pie. :)

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                        Ahhh...no wonder everyone raves about Angelo and Danforth Pizza. An abundance of cheese as the final layer sounds like the pizzas I grew up on in Montreal. As a kid, the best in my neighbourhood were Colosseo in Montreal West and Pendelis in Cote St. Luc. Sorry, I realize I'm raving about Montreal foods again. Forgive me.

                        Does anyone remember Cal's in Val Morin? A Toronto-born friend of ours told us a story recently about his first visit to Cal's (he's married to a former Montrealer whose parents own a country house in the Laurentians). He ordered his pizza with extra cheese, was given a very quizzical look by the owner, and, when his pizza arrived, he understood why - it had about an inch of cheese on top.

                      2. are there any other little italian gems on that stretch? i have always liked terroni on queen for simple pizza downtown - i take it this DPH is league leader

                        1. Are there favorite pizza places that delivery? Preferably to either College and Jarvis or King and Shaw...

                          1. The house special from Danforth Pizza House was delicious. Can't wait to try the other ones, too!

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                              I hope this isn't a silly question but they do sell pizza by the slices right? I just read most of the replies mentioned posters buying whole pizzas.

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                                I certainly haven't seen slices. But, I don't go at lunch (when you might expect them).

                            2. Is this cooked in a wood burning oven?
                              IF not, any suggestions for Neopolitan style, wood oven cooked take out?

                              1. Tried Danforth Pizza . . . .It was amazing. People should try his place.

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                                  I have been telling people this for years.
                                  Hopefully, they will listen.
                                  They don't have all of the new fangled recipes/creations.
                                  Just plain old school pizza.
                                  Get the House Special, with or without anchovies.

                                2. Abruzzo Pizza in Richmond Hill is really good.

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                                    What kind of toppings are in the house special?

                                  2. hi - we used to go all the time - we love his pizza so much but only if you can get him to undercook it a bit! Think it's the best pizza of that style in Toronto, but we find it too overcooked the majority of the time and couple of times it was completely black on the bottom. Stopped going only because it's a bit difficult to get him to agree to undercook it, he always seemed a bit put off by our request and didn't like upsetting him - he's very sweet and very serious about his pizza….

                                    however, if more of you start asking for lightly cooked he may become used to it and we can start going again!!! Please let me know if any of you have success…

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                                      We ordered the house pizza a few nights ago and the pizza was good. I thought the crust and the sauce was very nice, and I don't usually eat the crust. It's not the best pizza I ever had, but it was good pizza.

                                    2. We tried this pizza a few weeks ago and weren't terribly impressed - run of the mill - a little above Pizza Pizza but not by much.