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Dec 5, 2006 12:41 AM

Houston -- Casual Business Dinner Suggestions near Hyatt Regency -- 1200 Louisiana St.

Looking for good quality food and casual setting for low-key business dinners within walking distance of Hyatt Regency at 1200 Louisiana St in downtown Houston. Open to all cuisines and middle of the road price ranges -- less than $30 entrees.

Especially interested non-touristy places if possible and food/restaurants special to Houston.

Will be there later this week and will have the opportunity for two dinners.

Thanks in advance from a Washington, DC Hound


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  1. Damian's. This is a great italian restaurant that has been in town forever. Damian Mandola started it and was forced to sell it to a cousin (I think) Bubba Butera when Damian and Johny Carrabba sold most of Carrabbas to the Outback group. The food is terrific, try the sweet potato ravioli. Very much a locals restaurant. If you want the authentic Houston tex-mex experience, go to Ninfas on Navigation. Ninfas has many locations all over houston and beyond, but the Original location still has many of the original cooks and servers and the food is just better. Don't try to get there on your own, take a cab or a hotel shuttle. Ask for a table in the back as that is where the action is, careful with the margaritas, they are sneaky good. Make sure you ask for carrots when they bring the chips and salsas. If you like spicy food, get the tacos musicos. The tacos a'la Ninfa are their signature dish and are great. Whatever you get, ask for a side of pechuga gravy with your meal. This concoction makes cardboard taste good. Post your thoughts when you get back.