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Dec 5, 2006 12:10 AM

Bakery for Sunday Breakfast

I'm looking for a bakery for breakfast on Sunday with good bread, pastries and coffee. We are looking to be able to relax and read the newspaper in a warm, comfortable environment. Some place like Bread and Cie in San Diego would be great if anyone is familiar.

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  1. What about Chou Chou in Forest Hills?

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    1. re: Doodleboomer

      This looks great though I was hoping for something a less full service. I'd like to be able to refill my own water and coffee and linger for as long as I like.

      1. re: T.bone

        I don't know that it's the most comfortable place, but Arizmendi Bakery in the Sunset has excellent breads. The seating is limited to a small table and 2 hard benches.

    2. If by "warm" you mean temperature, than ignore this recommendation, but if by warm you mean friendly and convivial, then I recommend Bread Garden Bakery + Peet's Coffee on Domingo near Ashby in Berkeley. Bread Garden makes great morning pastries, Peet's has fabulous coffee, and on a clear morning, I know of no more pleasant place to read, relax, eat, and engage with The Third Place. Also -- very doggy friendly, which is a strong plus in my book.

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      1. re: peterme

        Is there indoor seating in either the Bread Garden or that Peet's? I don't remember any except outside.

      2. The lines are always long, but the food is absolutely fabulous at Tartine Bakery on Guerrero & 18th.

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        1. re: LindaRacine

          The lines are long. Snagging a table is another chore. Enjoying a leisurely, relaxing breakfast with coffee refills while the hordes cluster waiting for your table is impossible unless you are completely oblivious. Even though the food is good, Tartine is one of the LAST places I would recommend given the OP's request criteria.

        2. That bakery on the corner (is it Bay Bread?) near Cole/Carl streets in Cole Valley. The other place that's good for this type of morning is called Rigolo (I think) in Laurel Heights, on California near Bryan's.

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          1. Sadly the best places for this are hit and miss, mainly because of the possibility of too many people competing for tables and killing the relaxing vibe. The Boulangerie on Cole (at Parnassus, not Carl) is definitely one of these, it can be blissful or not. I'd suggest getting an early start if you really want to stake a claim.