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Dec 5, 2006 12:09 AM

moving to Richmond, VA from Los Angeles

I am moving from Los Angeles to Richmond this January and am wondering about food in Richmond. I have read the posts thus far and found some places that seem like they would be great.


I'm addicted to Vietnemese Pho soup, Thai food, and tacos. Please tell me there is a place to get real tacos (asada, al pastor, lengua, carnitas), Vietnemese, and Thai food in Richmond. Any suggestions? I look forward to getting back to some Southern food as I grew up in Florida.


Any sugestions on a hotel in The Fan while I look for an apartment?


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  1. As another SoCal transplant let me extend a warm welcome to Richmond! There are quite a few pho places in town. Personally I like Pho So 1. A lot of other people like Pho 79 and Vinh Phat. I have been to Vinh Phat (good but not as good as Pho So 1) but not Pho 79. I do have to say that the last time I had pho at Pho So 1 the broth was a bit lacking. But it is usally very good. There is a new Vietnamese place that is getting good reviews but I have yet to try it...Da Lat.

    As for Thai, we like Thai Diner or its sister restaurant, Thai Diner Too. Mom's Siam is also pretty good. Both Mom's Siam and Thai Diner Too are in Carytown.

    As for authentic Mexican, forget it. Well, at least we haven't found it yet. There is the Mexico Mini-Market which does have a grill on the weekends (Sat only?) and they do prepare authentic double corn tortilla tacos (asada, carnitas, pollo) but I haven't been in quite a while. Supposedly all of the authentic places are south of the James but we don't get over there much. Must make a trek at some point.

    As for hotels in the Fan, there really aren't any. Just on the other side of Belvidere there is a Radisson, the Linden Row Inn, and if you have the big bucks, you could stay at the Jefferson.

    Let me know when you come to town and my wife and I can take you to some of these places if you're intersted.


    1. La Milpa on Hull Street is good authentic Mexican and there's a place on Midlothian Turnpike across from the State Police Headquarters in an old Dunkin Donuts building that is very good and it's name escapes me right now. Both are south of the James.

      1. Thanks, Janet. I'll definitely make the effort to get to those places! As a transplanted California native I really miss having access to good authentic Mexican food.

        1. Thanks so much to both of you! I can't wait to try all these places and I have to say that since I know I can get my weekly (or just about) pho fix, I am so relieved!

          1. You'll be happy to learn there is a decent selection of Vietnemese restaurants in Richmond and a few Pho - we eat at Pho 79 often.

            Also, plenty of good Thai as identified above, but make sure you check out Tara Thai for a great experience.

            The Mexican selection is pretty standard, though as the Hispanic population grown, we've seen improvements over the past few years.