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Dec 5, 2006 12:05 AM

Molly's Tamales- Phoenix

We've seen these around town at different events and farmer's markets but had never tried yesterday at the Ahwatukee Farmer's market we picked up an assorted dozen.

Tried some for dinner tonight...we each had a green corn and a pork with red chile.

They were pretty good! The flavor of the fillings was good...could have used a bit more filling, especially the green corn one but on the whole the flavors were good.

The masa was moist. She advertises no lard or shortenign and told me she uses olive oil and corn oil. So the flavor isn't quite the traditional made with lard flavor but the trade off is it isn't heavy and guilt ridden. Good for an at home weeknight meal.

Tamales are a bit on the small side. We still have more varieties to try out - beef with red chile, southwest chicken, and a couple different variations of vegetarian.

We paid $22/dozen which I think is a bit on the high side? She gave me an order form, there's lots of different flavors available and it seems easy to pre-order.

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  1. Yeah, we get her tamales at the farmer's market on Cactus Saturday mornings sometimes. They used to be better, like two years ago. They have gotten smaller and the meat to masa ratio has suffered. And I swear the prices have gone up, though she says they've not.

    All in all, they're okay but after having some beef red chile (she was out of pork) last week, we just decided they're not worth the money. AJ's and Carolina's are as good or better at times and a lot less. I was going to bring some home for Christmas to Albuquerque, but they would pale in comparison to Dos Hermanos gi-normous tamales!

    1. Can you suggest anyone else that isn't using lard or shortening? We don't eat a lot of tamales generally but my husband does love them...we went ahead and picked these up because of the no lard/no shortening mention(we've been doing a boot camp at our gym so at home we try and eat as well as we can and not undo what we're doing a the gym in the morning!)

      I'm sorry to hear that they used to be bigger with more filling. They weren't bad and the flavor was good...just needed more of that filling.

      BTW - the AJ's tamales...I was at the deli counter the day before Thanksgiving and they had pumpkin ones. I picked two up for us to try...if you haven't tried these yet they were delcious! And lots of that yummy pumpkin filling in them!

      1. I have had Molly's Tamales around town as well, farmers markets and events. I love them, and they are so much better than eating lard tamales. I like the pork and Salmon. The kids like the chicken and cheese. One time they has strawberry ones, they were good. They do cost a little more than others, like in AJ's, but I do prefer them and don't mind paying a little more for them, they are worth for my family. I really haven't noticed a difference in filling or size over the years. I first tried them about 3-4 years ago.

        1. My mom isn't making her tamales this year due to family committments out of town(insert sad sad face), so I've been relegated to buying some.
          We were at Costco this past weekend and picked up some pork tamales in the refigerated section. They are pretty good all things considered. $10.99 for a package of 10 good sized tamales. The pork are made with red chile. They also have chicken with bits of green chile and no sauce. I prefer tamales made with with red chile.

          You cant beet that price.

          1. Mamamia is right about Costco. Strange as it may sound, their vegetarian tamales are even better than Molly's (not as oily), though you can't get all the unusual flavor combos like goat cheese/chard and the like.