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Dec 4, 2006 11:58 PM

Beer brittle?

I had a sample of beer brittle today, at Williams Sonoma; I'd love to make up a batch. If anyone has a recipe, I'd appreciate it. Thanx

Howard L

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  1. No recipe, but that sounds interesting and potentially tasty.

    Did see this interesting mention of beer brittle:
    "The National Association for the Specialty Food Trade awarded a medal for "best snack" to a confection made with beer and chiles, the Brent's Firey (sic) Beer Brittle. The Firey Beer Brittle is made with Red Tail Ale, Spanish peanuts, sugar, vanilla, butter, cooked into a light, crispy brittle and dusted with salt and chile de arbol powder. A delicious treat for just $10 or so per 1/2 pound. Anette's Chocolate Factory"

    And here's a link to Williams Sonoma beer brittle:

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        It was. Still, at $24 a can, it's sorta rich....but hey, Christmas is approaching. But I'd rather make it myself. How hard can it be?

    1. A friend sent me a pound of this stuff (the non-fiery version).

      My wife and I both think that it's the best brittle we've ever tasted.

      One think puzzled me, however. Since beer is brewed from a sugary liquid derived from malted barley (called wort), why did they use plain old cane sugar to make this stuff? Sure, they added some finished beer, which is delightful, but why not really go for the gold and really beer it up and use at least a percentage of wort.

      I guess everybody could try it at home by going to their local homebrew beer store and getting some "malt extract" which is pretty much the same as "wort" (pronounced WERT). There are dozens of varieties and therefore as many choices for making beer brittle.

      Not wanting to wait until I can develop a recipe, I went and bought some directly from the source...

      I found that you can no longer get it online from Williams Sonoma, but you can apparently still get it from the catalog.

      1. i found this recipe, but i've not tried it myself. if you do, let us know how it goes!