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Tagine to Purchase?

I'm looking to purchase a cooking tagine, preferably unglazed, as a gift. They appear to be in short supply so I would appreciate any input as to finding one. I have been on www.tagines.com, but their supplies are limited and they don't have the one I want at the moment.


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  1. Do you want one made by Le Creuset?

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      No, I'm trying to get one which is made of terra cotta or something along those lines, but thank you!

    2. I kind of figured that...This is a long shot but you might try that place in Chelsea Market that sells Moroccan stuff....near the kitchen store at the end of the market...good luck!

      1. I'm pretty sure I've seen tagines at Kalustyan's though I don't remember if they were terra cotta.

        Sur La Table, the kitchenwares store, carries them. http://www.surlatable.com/common/goog...

        1. I saw one a few weeks ago at Crate & Barrel.

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          1. Excellent, thanks so much for the suggestions!

            1. I bought a huge terracotta tagine (I had to cure it in the bathtub overnight and everything) at the store in Chelsea Market a few years ago, though I don't know whehter they still sell them. As an aside, it now sits on top of a bookshelf because it's really wedding banquet sized. I don't know what you had planned but I would recommend buying one of the smaller - medium ones along with one of Paula Wolfert's cookbooks (maybe even two, since moroccan meals seem to often feature multiple tagine preparations).

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                Sounds like Chelsea Market is the place! Thanks for the suggestions for the cookbook, that's a great compliment to the gift.

              2. I don't know how their quality compares to the ones at that place in Chelse market, but much as I hate to say it, Kalustyan's has a few, too. Mostly rustic "working models" rather than the more decorative serving type (which may not be intended for cooking FYI.)

                1. There's also a really great moroccan store at 8 Prince street called "Gates of Morocco" they seem to have a lot of authentic stuff there, and good prices. I bought a gorgeous pillow there for almost no money. So try there if the Chelsea Market moroccan shop doesn't have one.

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                    There is a middle eastern store on 5th Ave in Bay Ridge - Id say around 80th or High 70s, east side and maybe named Al Ansar, which has quite a variety of tagines at reasonable prices. I have been intending to go down there and pick one up. Lots of other good things on that street, including Scandinavian Christmas sweets at Leskes and delish schawarma at Mazza Plaza.

                  2. Check this link out to buy online. I just ate Moroccan tagine last week in Manhattan on E. 34th Street and want to get one for myself!