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Dec 4, 2006 11:17 PM

Yebisu Beer in LA?

Any [liquor] stores or Japanese markets in the greater LA area that import Yebisu beer? I'm familiar with Sapporo Reserve, which is said to be similar [Sapporo JP brews Yebisu], but isn't the same. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Any of the Japanese supemarkets will carry the large bottles of Yebisu: Marukai, Mitsuwa, etc.

    1. Professor Salt: Really? The two Japanese supermarkets that I frequent - Mitsuwa (Downtown) and Marukai (Pacific) - never have Yebisu. Any specific location you could steer me to?

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      1. re: weebie

        I'll report back on the Costa Mesa stores next time I'm there, but I'm pretty sure they do. Sapporo's Yebisu is a big corporate brand and I'm surprised to hear it's hard to find. That being the case, if you ask the store manager, I'll bet they can get some for you pretty readily.

        1. re: Professor Salt

          I haven't seen it at Mitsua in West L.A. or Torrance, or the Nijiya on Sawtelle, or the BevMo I frequent. The big beverage warehouse I go to in Marina del Rey doesn't have it, but they do have Hitachino Nest! I haven't tried looking at 99 Ranch, but I doubt it. Anyone know for sure?

          1. re: nakni

            I used to be able to get it at Mitsuwa in WLA, but haven't found it for several months now. Recently I asked specifically at two Japanese restaurants which I knew used to carry it - Terried Sake House and U-Zen - and both said it wasn't available in the US anymore.

            1. re: nakni

              Nijiya definitely carried it previously. I haven't seen it there in a while though. The last time I tried to order it at a restaurant that still had it listed on the menu, they brought out a Sapporo instead, saying they couldn't get Yebisu anymore.

              Thanks for the tip on the Beverage Warehouse carrying Hitachino Nest. It wasn't listed on their website so I never went there to look for it. Have you seen Echigo beer available there (or perhaps someplace else) as well?

              1. re: dill

                Surfas also carries Hitachino Nest and some really intersting looking Sparkling Sakes. :)


                1. re: Dommy

                  Yes they do.. thank you. I actually have one of the "Red Rice" varieties sitting next to me now that I picked up there on my last trip. I'll look for those Sparkling Sakes next time.. not sure if it will replace the Champagne on New Year's, but it's worth a try.

                2. re: dill

                  No luck with Echigo. My main complaint with the Mitsuwas and Nijiyas is the lack of alternatives in their beer selection apart from the general Asahi/Kirin/Sapporo options. We shouldn't have to look far and wide for alternatives, but we do. Even BevMo is lacking in this regard (at least at the Van Nuys store I always go to).

                  The Beverage Warehouse carries Hitachino Nest's Classic Ale, White Ale, and Red Rice Ale. If you actually go there, it's on the far wall where they sell individual bottles from various countries.

              2. re: Professor Salt

                Went to the Costa Mesa Mitsuwa, and indeed, no Yebisu. Didn't get a chance to ask a manager for you, so I fear reports of its demise in the US may be true.

            2. That's too bad. I believe (but would be happy to be corrected) that Orion remains the most widely available beer that is often found in LA restaurants and actually brewed in Japan as oppessed to Canada.

              1. Thanks to everybody for the responses and to Prof Salt for double checking the CM Mitsuwa. Guess they did phase it out and replace it with Sapporo Reserve... a shame.

                As for Orion, it does seem to be the most widely available "Brewed in Japan" beer here in LA. Always in stock @ Marukai Pacific on Redondo.

                1. i bet galco's has it in highland park.