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Dec 4, 2006 11:00 PM

Wang's Pork Dumplings,; Broadway, Somerville 12/4/06

o.k., w/ the help of you exc. CHs, i picked up all 3 types of their pork dumplings:
Pork and Leek
Pork and Green Bean
Pork, Leek and Shrimp

i just cooked up some of each, and.......
How could one possibly choose??!! they're ALL terrific.

if i were forced, w/ chopstick to juglar, i guess i'd pick pork,leek,shrimp 1st. just has that added dimension there.

and pork and gn bean next. there's something subtle going on there, aside from the grn beans, but i do not know what it is.

anyway, these are just WAY better than the pork and leek dumplings made by the big spaghetti factory etc. people. it's those lovely soft chewy wrappers, and the freshness and subtlety of the fillings.

Being the obsesssive CH i am, when next I'm at mulan's,i'll buy a bag of their pork and gn bean to compare, but i'm guessing it'll be a toss up.

you know, these many types of wang's dumplings, would make for a really inexp and fun party menu... add a few oriental veggie dishes, and you'd have a fairly easy complete meal! ah, the warming comfort of pots of steaming dumplings!!

thanks everyone.

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  1. I'm so glad you liked 'em. I try a lot of dumplings, but the only other place I know that's close to Wangs is Panda East in Northampton, which is actually better, but the commute is lame. :) Though I haven't tried Mulan... yet.

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    1. re: enhF94

      Funny, I split my week between Cambridge and Northampton. I am a Wang's regular, but never tried Panda East in Noho. At the moment I swoon over the Great Wall, but with that rec. I will go eat at the Panda soon.

      1. re: VivreManger

        Oh for goodness' sake - that's because I misspoke, and PE in Noho doesn't exist. I meant Panda East in Amherst, just past the boltwood walk where Rao's Coffee is. Fried is better than steamed, of course.
        I've been trying to reverse engineer the recipe for both the dumplings and the sauce for about a decade, but without much luck.

    2. Wang's dumplings rule! I have yet to try all the varieties, but I've half a mind to drive over there right now. At my suggestion, a friend served three varieties of these tasty morsels at a party a while back and they were a huge hit, not a single one was left uneaten.

      1. I've only had the Chinese vegetable ones. They were FAB!

        1. Pardon my ignorance on this--are you saying you buy dumplings uncooked from restaurants and cook at home? If so, what a great idea!

          I've gotten some frozen at super 88-can't remember the brand-but I liked them a lot. I bet these are even better. Is that what's going on?


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          1. re: SeaSide Tomato

            yes, that's the deal. wang's (and i believe qingdao garden as well) sell bags of 50 of their dumplings (frozen) that you can take home and cook yourself.

              1. re: passing thru

                I've bought dumplings from Mulan also.

            1. Do they offer beef, veggie, or seafood dumplings? My sweetie has a no pork in the house rule, so I'm duck out of luck if they don't and am hoping to try them out.

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              1. re: InmanSQ Girl

                Their veggie dumplings are sublime.

                The nonpork options are:
                Chicken and Cabbage (never had)
                Chinese Vegetables

                There's also something called shrimp wonton soup, but I've never had that.