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Dec 4, 2006 10:28 PM

Help turn my brownie mix into something good

So I bought this box of brownie mix from TJs that I wanted to use for my work holiday potluck (since I'm lazy and don't have much time to cook/bake on weekday eves). But lo and behold, someone just signed up to bring brownies before I could. Drat. Anything I can do with the brownie mix other than brownies? Not cookies, that was taken also. I tried to google "brownie mix" as an ingredient but I keep turning up brownie recipes.

Actual recipes would be appreciated, but not required. Like if you tell me you remember an excellent dessert that had a layer of crumbled brownies, a layer of caramel, etc that might help me realize brownies & caramel go together (do they?). Bonus points for something that appeals to the masses, not the gourmet (potluck, remember?).

And yes I could think of bringing something completely different but I'm determined to use that brownie mix!

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  1. for the kidlets:
    S'more Brownies
    After you make the brownies turn the oven to broiler. Place a full bag of mini marshmellows and mini choc chips on top and broil until marshmellows are toasted.

    for the grownups:
    Poke a few fork holes across the top of your baked brownies. Brush Frangelico or another "toasty" liquer on top of warm from the oven brownies.

    1. ice cream sandwiches with brownies as the "bread"

      1. I've never made this but it seems like something that would appeal to the masses. A brownie trifle:,1913,...

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          I was definitely going to suggest a Trifle. SO EASY and it looks pretty, too. Layer brownies with either pudding, mousse, or even flavored whipped cream, candy crumbles of your choice, oreo bits, hot fudge, caramel.....endless possibilities.

        2. 2 boxes of brownie mix baked in 8" cake pans are the start to making the "death by Chocolate cake. You will need ganache, and chocolate butter cream, and bittersweet chocolate shavings, plus truffles for garnish.

          I like to add a bit of instant coffee crystal to the brownie mix, to accentuate the flavor.

          caramel added to brownies make turtles brownies.

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            The idea of the chocolate cake reminded me of something I used to make alot - an oreo brownie cake.
            *Bake 2 boxes of brownie mix in a 13x9 pan (or 2 smaller pans). *Make frosting or buy vanilla frosting.
            *Crush a handful of oreo cookies in a plastic bag
            *Add crushed oreos to the frosting
            *Use the frosting as filling (between the 2 brownie layers) and on top of the cake.
            *Garnish with any extra oreos

            This cake is INTENSE, a lot of people loved this cake!


          2. Your mention of caramel with brownies got me excited. I am not a sweets person at all but they definitely go together. There are Turle brownies etc.