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Dec 4, 2006 10:19 PM

PHX Metro: Need special place for 60th

Help! Looking for place for my Dad's 60th birthday in two weeks. Looking for any great ideas for group of 6. Would love to live music, dancing and dinner. Is Marco Polo even open these days?! Thank you for any suggestions. Thank you

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  1. I haven't seen any signs of life at Marco Polo in a long time, and the Web site of the parent company no longer lists the restaurant. Mastro's, owned by the same company, appears to offer the same supper-club feel as Marco Polo, but I have never been there.

    1. Mastro's is great - but the bar area where the music/dancing scene is reminds me of a singles bar for the very rich baby boomer. It can be very smoky (cigars) in the bar area too. That said, the steaks and every facet of the food and beverage experience is outstanding. Expensive, but excellent quality.

      I wish I had another suggestion but a classy dining/dancing experience is somewhat challenging in Phx - perhaps Barcelona? I haven't been there in a while, but it is a beautiful restaurant and the food has always been good when I have eaten there, and they do have dancing. The dancing is a live band or something similar, then it turns into a club at about 10. You would perhaps want to call to verify.

      1. I really think it depends on what you mean by 'dancing.'

        I happen to really like Mastros, but what irks me about the place is how the ladies seem to show up looking well-heeled and polished, typically wearing something sparkly or to show off the surgery, and the men in these couples seem to be wearing golf attire. I really don't care what you spent on your Jimmy Buffet or Tommy Bahama shirt; it doesn't look right when the lady on your arm is in cocktail or club dress. No complaints about the food whatsoever; but if overloud cheesy lounge music isn't what you cut your rugs to, skip it.

        I would not recommend Barcelona for the typical 60-year-old, I don't think. Unless the 60-year-old in question is into Fiddy and Gwen Stefani and watermelon mojitos and Being Seen, in the Hugh Hefner sense.

        I will throw out Fogo E Brasa. They don't have live music every night; you'd have to call and check; and what it would be would be salsa/rhumba/reggae. I have never failed to have a great time there, though, the feel is celebratory and the service is fully spiffed, and what's a birthday without swords of juicy roasted meats being brought to you and carved to your specification.

        Not if the 60-year-old is a cardiac patient, though.

        1. I'd recommend Roaring Fork or Cowboy Caio for dinner, then a hop in the car to Remington's at the Scottsdale Plaza resort. Best (and only, I think) piano type bar in town, and they have a small, but adequate dance floor.

          1. See my post in another thread today about Skye, a new place in Peoria: