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Dec 4, 2006 09:49 PM

Dandan Guilin Rice Noodle

Following up on Modernist's recent posting, I stopped by the Dandan Guilin Rice Noodle location in San Gabriel Square, which has taken the spot formerly occupied by Q Noodle. Having ODd on Guilin rice noodles on a trip there last year (while good, having those rice noodles three meals a day kind of gets to you), I never bothered to stop off at Eight Cafe in Monterey Park since I've been back. However, reading about the new restaurant I decided to give it a try. As things turn out, Dandan is a relatively upscale branch of Eight Cafe, whose logo appears on the premises. It also turns out that there is a third branch of this operation, the address of which seems to correspond to the shopping center adjacent to the San Gabriel Superstore. Anyway, Dandan has a nice selection of Guilin Rice Noodle soup, probably tastier than what I actually had in Guilin. (I was on a tour and likely didn't get the grade A restaurant experience.) They also appear to have a number of other Guilin specialties on their relatively short menu.

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  1. Any specific suggestions?

    1. I had the rice noodle soup with fish fillet which was very good. Came garnished with peanuts. They have 18 choices for rice noodle soup, from spicy beef to snail meat (!!!) to vegetarian.