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Dec 4, 2006 09:43 PM

Newish bakery on Atlantic Avenue

On a morning run a couple of weeks ago I passed by a new-looking bakery on the south side of Atlantic -- can't remember the cross streets exactly but they might have been Bond and Hoyt. I think the name of the place started with a B.

When I passed by the place, it was decorated with pumpkins and other fall decor, but that's probably not the case now.

Given my oh-so-vague description, anyone been to this place and is it any good?

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  1. The name is Betty. Location is south side of Atlantic, btw. Nevins & Bond. Do a search--there's been some discussion of the place here. I had some decent coffee and a nice but pricey plum something or other--tart, I suppose. It was good but I don't tend toward such things. A bit frou-frou for me. They also bake breads. I'll try a loaf soon.

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      The breads are brought in from Tomcat I believe, but definitely brought in.

    2. That is very lame that a bakery doesn't bake it's own breads. I didn't find much there that I couldn't get at Downtown Atlantic, save for a very fine red velvet cake. (I haven't had Cake Man Raven's one, though.)

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        think of it as a pastry shop not a bakery, that will make it easier.
        Bread and pastry-making take TOTALLY DIFFERENT MINDSETS and skillsets.

        Joyce Bakeshop on Vanderbilt makes lovely pastry, no bread. Cakeman makes no bread.

        There are very few places here in NY that do well at both.

      2. I'm sorry - I left out "that sells bread", as in "That is very lame that a bakery 'that sells bread' doesn't bake it's own breads." Why sell bread at all if it's not yours? I agree that the two don't go hand in hand well, I guess I'm just upset since the closest decent bakeries to me are in DUMBO and in Carroll Gardens on Union. It would have been nice to have one that didn't require a 20 minute walk.

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          Well, you sell bread you dont make because people expect bakeries to have bread (right?) and it increases the traffic into their stores. As long as its scrupulously fresh and brought in new every day, whats the problem? I wish there were more daily neighborhood bakeries too, but they seem to be a dying breed.

        2. Actually, their breads come from Amy's. I agree, their stuff looks reasonably nice, but they didn't have much of a selection. Although I love ogling pastry, since I bake a lot at home, I have a hard time shelling out $4 or $5 for one little sweet thing. Still find the breads at Almondine to be the best...Tazza, the cafe on Henry/State, has a pretty good selection of artisanal breads from various "name" bakeries around the city.

          1. I had read previously (here) that the plan was to start baking bread so I just assumed that what I saw was theirs. Don't know if that is still the plan. I wouldn't have thought twice about it if they only offered the pastries--as per Jen's post, I consider the two to be so different and unrelated that it wouldn't seem odd to me at all, just as I don't find it odd that there are no loaves on display next to the Downtown Atlantic cupcakes.
            And yes--those $4 little fruit pastries are just too damned dear for my style. The one that I tried was good but was also likely to the be my last.