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Dec 4, 2006 09:17 PM

King of Falafel [San Francisco]

We just got back from a quick weekend trip to S.F., and we ate at the King of Falafel (we also ate at the Fifth Floor, which was wonderful). We stop at the King of Falafel whenever we visit...we just love the falafel. Is this a well known place in town? Is the falafel as good as we think? We fell in love with the place during our first visit years ago after speaking with the owner.

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  1. We love King of Falafel. (the one on Divisadero, right?)
    We have tried falafel many places, Truly Med and Sunshine Deli being the other two places we visit often.
    I think King of Falafel is better.
    They add more jalapeno making for a spicier falafel and will always fry them up to order.
    When we get a dozen, the owner usually takes one and sprinkles it with the falafel flour and hands it to me hot! delicious!

    We like their hummus too, but I favor the hummus from Haigs, on clement.

    1. We just ate there for lunch (we originally intended on eating at Sawa, but it was closed for remodeling), and it was yummy! Their tahini was good but I wished it was spicy. Only after finishing my chicken shawarma sandwich did I realize they had chili sauces on every other table but ours. They've got a decent soda and beer selection in the cooler behind, but they have a soda foutain too. Their prices were reasonable. Not too shabby for being our 2nd choice. If anyone ends up in Pasadena, of all places, check out Father Nature's. They have a shawarma wrap with spicy tahini that's insane.

      1. When I first came on this board nearly 15 years ago, King of Falafel used to come up more often than it does today. I finally made it in this morning and posted an update here,

        For fans of the place should get in there soon. It may close when the lease runs out at the end of the year.