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NYT article on San Gabriel Valley- Triumphal Palace for dinner?

Yesterday's New York Times has a short piece about SoCal Chinese food


big surprise for me was the anointment of Triumphal Palace as a must-go destination for dinner. Has anyone been? I mean, I know the dim sum is good, but hadn't heard about their dinner offerings. Can anyone add their two cents? I trust the collective Chowhound wisdom more than the New York Times on this matter.

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      1. I agree with Mr. Bittman. Trumphal Palace is very good.

        1. Mr. Bittman is correct. Trimphal Palace is excellent. The roast duck there is probably the best I've had and I've been eating them for 40 years. Any of the steamed fishes and the lobster in ginger sauce are terrific. Just one warning--I ate there once late in the evening and the food was below par. I think they bring in the second string chef around closing.

          1. Let me give you another warning: Bittman has Chung King on Garvey in Monterey Park, where they have not been for at least a year...which leads me to believe that Mr. B. is writing either wholly or partially from old notes.

            We were quite frankly underimpressed with this article, particularly given Bittman's widespread cred as a food guy and as a writer. I didn't quite understand the swipe at New Concept - maybe he had some followup that got cut from the final review, but it went unexplained. None of which is to say that we aren't interested anew in checking out Triumphal Palace, which we so far have not done...

            1. The Chung King error was glaring when I read the article as well. Jonathan Gold wrote up the suckling pig at dinner for Triumphal Palace when the place first opened. Several people I know have gone for it and liked it.
              I do have a taste for those lotus leaf wrapped spareribs at Chang's Garden now. They're the main reason to go.

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                Seriously, Bittman recommended six restaurants and one of them was Foo Chow?

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                  Foo Chow is a bit dumpy and Americanized, but it is also one of the few Fujian Chinese restaurants in Los Angeles, and some its Fujian dishes are quite good, such as the red wine infused dishes or the Fujian fish dumpling soup. Certainly, if you go for their Cantonese food or view it as representative of Chinese eating in L.A., you probably would be disappointed.

              2. I went to Triumphal Palace last night and it was wonderful. We had Chow Fun with mixed seafood, chinese broccoli with dried scallops and enoki muchrooms, and bean curd sheet two ways, rolled up and fried crispy, and somehow turned into something that was like soggy rye bread (nonetheless wonderful and delicious). Only that last dish was actually on the menu. I recommend going here, it was very slow on a monday night, and keep in mind that the place has excellent cooks. If you really want something, just ask, and they'll figure it out! Wonderful freshness on all the food, especially notable on the crunchy vegetables and sweet shellfish. Highly recommended.

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                  "If you really want somthing, just ask, and they'll figure it out!"

                  Probably the ultimate compliment to your trust in their staff... great line!

                2. I have eaten at the Triumphal Place regularly for the last 2 years. I am continually satisfied by the service and the range of the food. This is a stellar example of consitant and wonderful food. I am no expert on Chinese food or the specific regional specialties but darn I alway come away surprised and delighted. The only problem I ever had was that one night I gorged on a duck tongue dish that was so unbelivably excellent...but my body rebelled at the fat content and I had a gall stone attack and I will tell you I had to eat again it was so good!!!! No attack the second time. I guess i like living dangerously!!!!