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Dec 4, 2006 09:14 PM

Tyrkisk Peber or other Danish licorise

Does anyone know where to get this delicious, spicy Danish locorise in the Boston area? Thanks.

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  1. For sure, I know Cardullo's in Harvard Square. Maybe the Danish Pastry House in Medford.

    This wasn't your question but the Viking House in Concord NH has quite the selection, including Tyskisk Peber.

    1. I got some yesterday at Cardullo's and they have plenty in stock right now. Cardullo's is great for any kind of European sweets: Haribo, all sorts of licorice, Toffee Crisp, Mars, Lion Bars.....

      I've never heard of the Viking House in Concord. Being from Iceland I have to check that out.

      1. Being from Iceland, you might also want to know that they have Bilar! Wait, that might be Sweden. Also, they have a selection of Rugbraud.

        No ├×orramatur, though.


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        1. We have some that we bought at the Gift Chalet in Auburn. It's a Scandinavian gift/food shop, very popular and well-stocked at the holidays.