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Dec 4, 2006 08:48 PM

Best sweet potato tempura sushi?

Hey folks,

My vegetarian girlfriend was a somewhat reluctant sushi eater, until she discovered the sweet potato tempura maki. Now she is hooked! We're looking for a good place in Boston for this dish. We've eaten it other places, but it hasn't been on the menu at the last few places we've tried.

thanks houndies!

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  1. I have had that at Fresh Taste of Asia in Salem...was good...unsure of where u could find that closer to Boston. I can ask the friend who introduced me to it.

    1. I like the version they do at Fugakyu.

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        Me too, the Fugakyu ones are delish! there's one with cucumber and avocado and lots of tobiko that I like. There's an odd one with pineapple I've never tried, too.

        1. re: bee

          I third the recommendation fro Fugakyu. Its one of my favorites.

      2. I was going to go off topic but thought better of it :-) and started a thread for vegetarian sushi recommendations on the General Topics board.

        1. mo, i really think you could ask this of any sushi chef and they should have no prob making it for you. all it is is temp sw potato in a regular makiroll.and i'm sure if you asked for it w more ingreds- tobiko, gobo, unagi, avoc, they would add those in for you.

          1. Oishii has an amazing one. I ate at Oishii Boston, but they may have it at the Chestnut Hill and Sudbury locations, too.