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Dec 4, 2006 08:32 PM

rice vinegar vs. rice wine vinegar

Are rice vinegar and rice wine vinegar the same thing? (A Google search turned up conflicting answers, so I thought I'd ask the real experts on this board.) If not, are they similar enough that I can substitute one for the other in most recipes?

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  1. i was not aware they were different things. if you are using this vinegar in asian cooking(it is a staple of japnese ckg.), it should be rice wine vinegar.

    1. They're the same. In order to make vinegar you first have to ferment the sugar in something into alcohol (i.e. make rice wine) and then ferment the alcohol into acetic acid.

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      1. They are exactly the same thing. There are different types, black, red and white. However don't confuse either with rice wine. This is what it says...a wine and not a vinegar. The rice vinegar is rice wine that has been turned into vinegar.

        1. The two names are used interchangeably, but there is a significant difference between "seasoned rice wine vinegar" and plain old "rice wine vinegar". The seasoned vinegar has had sugar and salt added to it.

          1. Thanks for posting this question. I've noticed a lot of recipes lately that call for Rice Wine Vinegar but cannot find it in the store. I've been using Rice Vinegar instead. Good to know I'm not missing out on anything.