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Modesto in Asheville closing?

I understand from a friend of a friend that Modesto's backer backed out and the restaurant is closed. What a tragedy...I hear it had fabulous potential.

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  1. wow, yikes....I wonder what happened - that's only been about 2 months for them. It is dicey to open up a restaurant here in the fall and then try and make it through the winter.
    I'll have to check out my sources.

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      Oh yes, Leah - do check your sources, I'm very curious. I wonder if by "backer" the OP means Hector or Hector's group of investors.

      I also wonder what this means for the planned restaurant next door. Hector took over the lease from the people next door.

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        mark, thanks for this. I wonder if other Grove Arcade establishments were similarly affected.

      2. The Asheville Citizen is reporting that the closing is only temporary and is due to an "electrical issue."

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        1. re: Jeff C.

          mark and Jeff, thank you for providing not only the correct info about Modesto, but the interesting links at the bottom of the page.

          I could not resist "Savoy offers best culinary experience imaginable". I daresay, even for people who enjoy Savoy,one of which I am not, that would be pretty strong hyperbole. Maybe the reviewer just doesn't have a vivid imagination.

          Anyhow, I couldn't resist the link. I see that Asheville's newpaper food reviewers are as bad as Greenville's. The reviewer sent back his fish to get it well done. sigh. And now Savoy is not just Italian, but "neocosmopolitan" and "world-view". They served duck confit spring rolls. Oh God, my eyes hurt from rolling back in my head.

          Sorry, I guess I'm off topic now ;-)

        2. Interesting review in local paper...
          this won't help the restaurant's chances

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            that's an interesting review, with some of which I agree, other parts I disagree strongly. I'm amazed he liked the pizza crust. I think it is the weakest aspect of the whole restaurant. Actually, I think the pizzas in their entirety are weak.

            I loved the Bolognese, which he found flat.

            Everyone does seem to be in agreement that the place has lots of potential, but is not firing on all cylinders. I think Hector needs to supervise the kitchen for a while.

          2. yes, I thought the pizza crust was miserable. It irks me that it claims to be Venetian - having been to Venice and that part of Italy I never had anything that tasted like what I ate at Modesto.

            1. My worst meal to date:
              If I had to rec this resto, I would say you have to do the small plates. The espresso pork is unbeatable, the dolmas are ripe...
              But I ordered the vege pasta. The menu said pumpkin gnocchi with broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes, a mix of wild mushrooms, carrots, etc. What you gave me was green gnocchi (basil?), two sliced crimini mushrooms, a shitoad of overripe summer squash and no other vege. The service was impeccable, but the food lacked. I will forever tell people to stay away from Modesto due to this experience. It made me question myself as a resto-goer.
              Why did they try to cheat me?

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              1. re: hungryphillip

                They tried to cheat you because this is one of the HYPED Hectors slop houses...

                Pizza is great at West First and Marcos and I'd imagine at Cucina 24 as well...

                1. re: jbyoga

                  I always enjoy your posts, and usually agree with your recs...but your Hector slamming is out of control. Slop house? be real. Hector brought serious dining to Asheville back in the mid 90's when there was nothing. Salsa was a revelation in flavor and Zambra built on it. Further...I've never heard any HYPE about Modesto. It has unfortunately been hit or miss from day one.

                  Hector's restaurants have some flaws...deviation from the menu has always been one of them...it's endearing to me (at least at Salsa...I am less fond of the vagaries of Modesto), infuriating to others. But I don't think anyone is a victim of cheating, just artsy-slackness.

                  1. re: danna

                    I know you exaggerate for effect, but having lived here for 30 years I can say that there actually were restaurants in Asheville prior to the mid-90's. There were even restaurants here in the 80's and before. Some of them are still here. Zounds!

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                      OK, maybe I was being a tad harsh...after having been a loyal customer and then being treated like crap and having no responses to my very polite call/letter/email after an experience at Salsas I don't feel too warm and fuzzy towards Hector or his places. Are they slop houses? well no but are there better and friendlier restos here? heck yes!