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best chocolate gift

What are the best places to get terrific chocolates for gifts? They can be free standing store or online.

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  1. The best truffles I have had in my life came from Teuscher in Manhattan. They have an online store:


    Very, very, very expensive, if I remember correctly.

    Lindt is not bad, in a pinch.

    Once again I cannot remember the name of the store, but there is a newly opened truffle store in White Plains. It's not in one of the malls, if I am correct. In fact, they even recently had a coupon in a local paper for two free truffles.

    1. high end

      Maison du Chocolat

      not so high end

      SEE's Candies

      1. Check out Anna Shea Chocolates in Tarrytown. Excellent flavor, including nontraditional combinations, and elegant looking.

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          I'll second Anna Shea Chocolates in Tarrytown. My wife and I tried it during the Taste of Tarrytown a few months ago and were very impressed. While in the store, I also noticed that they had chocolate containers that can hold a gift and be edible at the same time!

        2. Vosges Chocolate - their exotic truffles are truly amazing! Wasabi, curry, and various Latino spices, etc.


          1. For a gift, the chocolate penguins & mice from Burdick are charming...


            Also for h/e, Pierre Marcolini is superb, as are Richart...Maison du Cocolat...debauve et gallet...neuhaus...

            1. Chocopologie in South Norwalk.

              1. Cocoa in Larchmont. Cute, small, excellent.

                1. COCOA is nice, yes. Their marshmallows are fun. Expensive place, but what isn't.

                  I haven't yet made it there, but I now know the name of the store I was talking about. It's 'Schakolad Chocolate Factory' at 50 Main St., White Plains, across from Sears.

                  Since I won't get there until it's a nice day and I can walk from wherever I find free parking, since I won't contribute to the coffers of downtown White Plains and their exorbitant parking rates (that's right, I have to try the lot across from Graziella's I just remembered that), you all will have to let me know if it's a good place or not.

                  It would be nice but I doubt that it's on a par with Teuscher's.

                  1. I LOVE Harry and David's truffles.

                    1. Vosges Chocolate are not worth the $ at all. I went all out and bought these for co-workers 2 years ago and some for myself to try. I was actually embarrassed to give these out.

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                        Sorry you found them dissapointing 2 years ago. I had some 2 months ago, received as a housewarming gift, and they were very good. On par or better than much of Jacques Torres' offerings, although I do love his Wicked Hot Chocolate and the passion fruit hearts. Gave a client a box of Vosgues a few weeks ago and received nothing but thanks and compliments. Anyhow, to each their own tastebuds!

                        Cheers to chocolate, wherever it comes from!

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                          Ditto. I recently fedexed a few boxes to a friend for a big family get-together. After all the hype, I was underwhelmed.
                          I'm a 24/7 chocoholic, so maybe my expectations were off.

                        2. Jacques Torres Chocolate's are delicious too:

                          1. bridgewater chocolate in Brookfield, CT. It is a great shop, right up the street from Costco.

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                                  Second Kee's! She's the best. I'm heading there Sunday to (hopefully) pick some up for gifts. She sells them so quickly and then makes more.

                                2. I went to Zurich last year and everyone flocked to two shops for the best truffles: Teuscher & Sprungli. Teuscher have stores in several cities in the States. Sprungli have none and you have to buy it online.

                                  1. Yes, yes, yes. Teuscher is the best in the world. Okay, only my opinion, but they are the best I've ever had.

                                    There is just opened a new chocolate store in Mamaroneck so I tried their truffles. Amazingly bad, just incredible. It's as if no one in the store ever ate a good truffle in their lives.

                                    I have not yet tried 'Schakolad Chocolate Factory', the chocolate store on Main St. in White Plains, has anyone?

                                    1. Nirvana Chocolates are the best I've ever had.

                                      1. HATE Godiva. Jacques Torres is good.

                                        1. Michael Recchiuti from San Francisco. Awesome chocolates!


                                          1. Anna Shea Chocolates.

                                            Her stuff is beautiful and flavors are right on! Of the above mentioned...Recchiuti is the only one that comes close.

                                            1. Coco Rouge, Chicago
                                              What a stunning talent cocrouge.com

                                              1. I'll second See's Chocolates. Also love Fannie Mae's (esp. the mint meltaways and the trinidads).

                                                For something a little different, you might try some of Jeni's chocolate ice creams:


                                                My favorite is the cocoa zin.

                                                  1. Fran's Chocolates in Seattle... not cheap but wow. Check them out.

                                                    1. I like to order from Richart www.richart.com or Maison du Chocolat www.maisonduchocolat.com

                                                      1. Jaques Torres in Brooklyn, Dumo area .OMG

                                                        1. I too love Teucher's and whenever I'm in NYC always treat myself to a box of champagne truffles, Burdicks, Maison du Chocolats are also some of my favorites. Have had plenty of Lake Champagne Chocolates since we usually head to Vermont each year and often these are the turn down Chocolates at the B&B's where we stay. But I have to tell you, at the high praise from LA hounds I heard about COMPARTES CHOCOLATIER and went ahead and ordered their LOVE NUTS this Valentines Day. They were incredible! If you love nuts and chocolate you should definately try them. I ordered both the almond and cashew nuts. The nuts are sprinkled with sea salt and then hand enrobed in layers of Venezuelan Chocolate. Talk about addictive.....I couldn't control myself and wound up eating half of the bags of nuts that I got as V-Day gifts for my neighbors and had to buy them something else at the last minute. My only advice is if you order these get the tower size. The small bag is a tease. I will definately be ordering these again and I think I will also get myself a box of their chocolates.(The chocolate they use is exceptional ) Both the chocolates and truffles also came highly recommended by LA Hounds when I posted.