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Dec 4, 2006 08:18 PM

best chocolate gift

What are the best places to get terrific chocolates for gifts? They can be free standing store or online.

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  1. The best truffles I have had in my life came from Teuscher in Manhattan. They have an online store:

    Very, very, very expensive, if I remember correctly.

    Lindt is not bad, in a pinch.

    Once again I cannot remember the name of the store, but there is a newly opened truffle store in White Plains. It's not in one of the malls, if I am correct. In fact, they even recently had a coupon in a local paper for two free truffles.

    1. high end

      Maison du Chocolat

      not so high end

      SEE's Candies

      1. Check out Anna Shea Chocolates in Tarrytown. Excellent flavor, including nontraditional combinations, and elegant looking.

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          I'll second Anna Shea Chocolates in Tarrytown. My wife and I tried it during the Taste of Tarrytown a few months ago and were very impressed. While in the store, I also noticed that they had chocolate containers that can hold a gift and be edible at the same time!

        2. Vosges Chocolate - their exotic truffles are truly amazing! Wasabi, curry, and various Latino spices, etc.

          1. For a gift, the chocolate penguins & mice from Burdick are charming...


            Also for h/e, Pierre Marcolini is superb, as are Richart...Maison du Cocolat...debauve et gallet...neuhaus...