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Dec 4, 2006 08:08 PM

Short reviews: Perbacco, Range, Hog Island

Spent the weekend in SF

Perbacco: Ate here Friday night. Very welcoming host/hostess. Nice space (what is it with SF and narrow rooms and brick!) Bread sticks were probably the best I've ever had. Great crudo, very fresh. We had the hamachi, which was drizzled with just the right amount of olive oil. Salt cod potato gratin app was the closest to the bacalo I had in Spain that I’ve found in the U.S. Angnollati with veal was perfect and sauce was great. Meltingly tender. Possibly my favorite dish of the weekend. Short rib main was good and served with great polenta. We had a really interesting dessert too, not sure what it’s called but it was pumpkin based and served with various fruits. Very seasonal and delicious. Went great with its wine pairing. Our server wasn't outstanding. His descriptions of the dishes were good but we sometimes had to wait for our wine that was supposed to be paired with the dishes we were eating.

Range I really, really love, too. Great concept. I like everything about this place. Short menu, local products, sustainable, etc. Server was terrific here, friendly, knowledgable. We had the pumpkin ravioli, which was delish, but I don't think anything could have lived up to that veal from Perbacco. Still, very good in its own right. We also had a green peppercorn-crusted venison. Medium rare almost erroring on the rare side. SOOO yummy. Braised pork osso bucco was great also. Both Venison and Pork paired great with the Miner Oracle. Our dessert tart was fresh and tasty too.

Hog Island we popped into on Saturday afternoon. No wait for a table. Had the Hog Island mix (definitely prefer the sweetwaters; atlantics were kind of sour, not spoiled sour, just not the lovlieness of the sweeetwaters. Also had the baked oysters with chanterelles and cream. Delish. Pairs great with the Riesling on the menu. Great bread there, too!

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  1. IIRC, Hog Island's bread comes from the same supplier that most of the Ferry Bldg eateries also purchase from: Boulette's Larder. Glad you enjoyed the sweetwaters. This reminds me, I hafta get over there sometime for their happy hour specials.

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    1. re: S U

      Haven't been to Hog Island for a few months, but the bread was always from Acme. Has that changed?

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        I'm pretty sure it's Acme, BL doesn't have a bakery that I'm aware of, and I recognized the bread I received when I was at Hog Island as Acme's on sight. Tasting only confirmed it. If it's not Acme, I would be shocked.

        1. re: Ozumo

          Thank you, I've mused that HI's bread costs must be pretty high because everyone wants refills on the Acme bread!

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            I know I sure took advantage! $1 fresh oysters (during happy hour)and unlimited Acme bread/butter and breadsticks (not sure who makes those) make for a great deal!

          2. re: Ozumo

            Hmm... odd... a few months back I did a mini chow crawl thru the Ferry Bldg and noticed most of the bread from the eateries were from the same place, so at one point I asked a server who the supplier was. He told me it was Boulette's. Maybe he was mistaken?

            1. re: S U

              Most likely. I've been to the FB many times, and have never seen BL baking anything; and lots of restaurants use Acme, which does nothing but bake bread.

              1. re: S U

                I had lunch at Boulette's yesterday, and the bread that we were served was from Acme. It said so right on the menu.

                Lunch was lovely ase ever.

                1. re: monday

                  OK, so mystery solved: BL buys it from Acme, and sells it to the rest of the FB. :-)

        2. When/time is happy hour at Hog Island?
          Where exactly is it located?
          I've been waiting to try for years; love fresh oysters.

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