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Dec 4, 2006 08:06 PM

Damon Lee Fowler's Country Ham Spread

Candy posted this wonderful recipe a little while ago (link below). Just made it and it is ALL that and then some too. I had some left-over ham (nitrate-free, all natural), and followed the proportions Candy mentions of softened butter to chopped ham. I used Blanton's single barrel bourbon. So simple, but so rich and delicious! In fact, I was going to take it to a fellow CH's holiday party this week, but my husband is trying to convince me to leave it at home. Do you think this freezes well? Thanks Candy!

"Country Ham Spread, make this!"

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  1. You could probably freeze it for a bit but if you take it along and eat it then you will have an excuse to make more. But it will keep for quite awhile inthe fridge. I'd want to use it up and make another batch every coup;le of weeks. Go ahead and make it tonight for the weekend.

    As for not being able to get country ham go ahead with the cooked ham you have and don't bother baking it with the bourbon, it is already cooked. Just add a bit of bourbon to taste when you are processing it.

    Glad you enjoyed it we go through a bunch of it. I've got to get around to some potted shrimp and other goodies/