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Vermont eats

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Thinking of heading to Vermont this weekend - destination likely based on dining. Any recommendations in the Burlington/Stowe area? Thanks.

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  1. It depends on your style and price range...

    I've never eaten in or around Stowe, but some great Burlington restaurants are:

    Authentic, rustic Italian: Trattoria Delia, L'Amante (both pricey, but worth every penny).

    Bistro: Leunigs, Smokejacks or Pauline's (moderately priced).

    Penny Cluse makes a wonderful breakfast.

    I haven't been to Stone Soup in years (I no longer work downtown) but at one time they had fantastic vegetarian/vegan fare... a good place for lunch.

    Asian: A Single Pebble (Chinese) and Sakura (Japanese). Single Pebble is pricey, and the service isn't always great at Sakura, but the food is wonderful.

    Pub food: Halverson's.

    Hopefully others will chime in soon!

    1. Michael's on The Hill is an excellent spot (just outside Waterbury on the way to Stowe). The Mist Grill (now callled Hen of the Woods I think) in Waterbury is also a nice spot. For Burlington, Katiepie hit all the highlights. I have also heard some good reviews on Taste in Burlington and The Kitchen Table (Richmond) is between Stowe and Burlington just off exit 11. I believe their website is the kitchentablebistro.com. If you choose Stowe, you may want to make reservations if it snows as the resorts may bring a lot of traffic to that area.

      1. Katiepie did hit all the highlights (all my faves!), although Asiana House is also another good place for Asian/sushi. Also The Green Room is really nice. I went there in the fall and have stopped back a couple of times and they've changed the menu due to the season, but everything looks fantastic! I'd give a thumbs down to Halversons, just because of the wait staff. Perhaps things have changed, but I walked out twice when I was unable to even get someone to come to our table. For cheap, good food, I'd go to the Rusty Scuffer on Church St.

        Have heard wonderful things about Sonoma Station, haven't made it there yet!

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          Thanks to all for the recommendations - looks like I've got some great choices now and can lay out the itinerary around some good food (what other way is there to travel?)

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            I usually travel for beer ;-) So make sure to stop in before or after dinner for VT's best beer maker - The Alchemist in Waterbury - great food too if you are looking for something casual - unfortunately not open for lunch.

            The Shed is not doing a bad job either - hopefully they can keep up the quality since their brewer just quit recently.

            In Burlington a good beer or two along with pretty decent pizza can be had at American Flatbread - across the street from the mediocre VT pub & brewery.

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              Or, the Bobcat Cafe in Bristol.
              Of the three, I like Bobcat>Shed>Alchemist, but most like Alchemist a lot.

        2. Kris,

          I would plan on making reservations at all restaurants listed with the exception of Sakura and Halverson's... most are in and around the Church Street area, which is busy around the holiday time.

          I have also heard the Green Room is great. I went when it was the Iron Wolf. The food was fabulous but I couldn't get past the Less than Zero-like "I just stepped back into the mid-1980's" decor, lol. I haven't been back since, although I think they've remodeled since then!

          1. Don't forget to come back and let us know where you went! :-))

            1. I'll report back - thanks for all the input - especially the feedback on the beer - I'm definitely stopping for one (or three) of those...

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                If you, don't drive! Alchemist beer is very strong, but the best in state!

              2. Thanks so much for all the recommendations. I did take you up on several of them.

                Started with lunch at the Putney Inn, it was decent, not exceptional. The menu looks really good, but the food is missing that special something. I had the chicken salad sandwich - pretty ordinary.

                Stopped at the Alchemist for the beer. Unfortunately, again a little disappointed - I was looking forward to something really tasty, but the beer was lacking in flavor. Maybe just hit a bad batch...

                Went to Trattoria Delia on Friday night. I loved the atmosphere and the place was packed. We ordered an appetizer from the specials - sepia (like cuttlefish). It was wonderful - something I had never tried before. The basil garlic butter served with the bread was fantastic. Had the osso bucco since it was highly recommended - veal was very good, polenta was polenta - not much to be done with that. While waiting for our table, the man next to me (a regular) offered up a few suggestions. When I told him we were going to eat at the Green Room the next day, he said 'screw the Green Room'. We thought that was so funny, it became our mantra for the weekend.

                However, we did venture to the Green Room and if we hadn't been stuffed from eating all day (stayed at the Lang house - great breakfast!), we could have done more damage. It was a little lacking in atmosphere, but I loved the food. Grilled calamari, which I always try to go for when I see it's not the usual fried. Mussels were excellent as well, especially with the bread dipped into the sauce.

                All in all, great restaurants and a beautiful city. Loved the view of the lake - I'll definitely head back in the summer...

                1. Thanks for reporting back, Kris! Glad to hear you had a nice time at the Trat... I always lose track of time when I'm in there, the atmosphere and food are so great. I use to hostess there and they are really top-notch.

                  I'm glad to hear the Green Room is good... my husband and I still need to check it out.

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                    Just to let you know, Katie - the atmosphere at the Green Room doesn't look like it's changed from what you described when it was the Iron Wolf. As a matter of fact, we peeked in the windows when it was closed and the decor almost made us change our minds. But there happened to be an article about the restaurant on the front page of one of your local papers that convinced us to keep the reservation. Glad we did.

                  2. Hey, I'm also heading to Burlington to visit this weekend. Last time I was there, I hit the Three Needs brewpub and it was a nice cozy, little place downtown. Is it still around?

                    1. Yep, Three Needs is still around...

                      Thanks for the heads up on the Green Room, Kris... now I won't be surprised when hubby and I show up, lol...