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Dec 4, 2006 07:56 PM

Arctic Circle

I used to live in Beatrice NE for a short while in the early 70's and became addicted to the AC burger-seriously-I would have it twice a day. I found their web site recently and they will sell and ship the AC Fry sauce. I spoke to the nicest person, they really are so sweet! We sent for some and it was as good as I remembered! Any other Arctic Circle memories?

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  1. Hi, just thought I'd drop you a note . . . I have sad news . . . they just sold the Actic Circle in Beatrice, NE and the new owners tore it down last month! (a pharmacy bought it because they wanted it's building lot) We're still in mourning! Their burgers were GREAT and that fry sauce (we actually just called it "burger sauce") was great stuff!

    I've poked around the net looking for the fry sauce recipe, some are close but none are spot on so I guess we'll just have to order the stuff!

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      AWWW I am sad. Thanks for the update! I will always remember it fondly. I think I will order some more sauce now.

      Actually we never called it fry sauce either I just found out recently that's what it was called....

      1. re: eileenmary

        I grew up in Utah where fry sauce is served at every fast food joint, even at McDonald's next to the ketchup when I was younger. I miss the stuff and I make sure to swing by Arctic Circle or any of the other places whenever I'm in town to get my fix.

    2. My family and I stopped at one in Eureka, California about 12 years ago on a huge driving trip to see the National Parks out West. My mom, to this day, still talks about how great the root beer floats were. One day, I'd like to make it back to one.

      1. I miss Arctic Circle, too. I am from Idaho, and there the Artic Circle serves 10 burgers for $5 in a bag. A steal. Fry sauce is native to Idaho/Montana/Northern Utah. It is basically ketchup mixed with mayonnaise and a splash of dill pickle juice. Yummy. I think I'd give about anything for AC right now.