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easy dessert to go with chili?

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Am having a few people over for chili and corn bread tonight. Suggestions for an easy, complimentary dessert?

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  1. I like brownies with shredded coconut and almonds as a finish to chili. Ice cream optional.

    1. get some Ben & Jerry Jamaican Me Crazy sorbet.
      It's pineapple sorbet with passionfuit swirl.
      I seriously just served the exact same thing for dinner last night.

      1. Yah, I was thinking something like sorbet or ice cream as well. Defintely something at least slightly chilled. Perhaps a mouse?

        1. something with cinnamon, like vanilla ice cream with a cinnamon-sugar topping or snickerdoodles. Our school cafeteria always used to serve cinnamon rolls with the chili, so that's probably where I got this personal craving.

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            I used to LOVE those cinnamon rolls!

          2. Every year for my Super Bowl party I make a huge batch of Chili and Peanut Butter Pie for dessert. The recipe I have is from Cooking Light and is really simple. I like to freeze it instead of refridgerate it so it's sort of like ice cream pie.
            So good!

            Here's the link:


            1. Bananas Foster over vanilla ice cream.

              Sliced bananas, butter, brown sugar, kaluah (optional), cinnamon. easiest to make them in foil packets... you can make the packets before hand and just heat them up til the sugar melts when ready... dump the delicious contents on vanilla ice cream.

              this is the recipe I use... it's wonderful and SO easy. says to put them on the grill but i've also had success baking them in the oven til the packet gets poofy.