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Dec 4, 2006 07:41 PM

Unlock the mystery of the Chicago-style Italian Beef

I'm in Boston and crave the wonders of the Italian Beef. I know there was a recipe posted a while back. I have that on my 'to try' list, but does anyone have any other recipes floating around?

Most I've found online use a combo of boullion/broth and dry italian seasoning....

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  1. oh god..I was born & raised in Chicago but haven't had an authentic beef sandwich since I left 6 yrs ago. My dad grew up in the little Italy neighborhood & had the best recipe ever. Problem is is that it's in his head.
    I remember he would cook that roast for a good 8 - 10 hours. Some garlic, italian herbs, beef stock, worcestershire sauce, fresh ground pepper. I think he let the roast cool in the fridge overnight & then he would slice it with the meat slicer. Take the pan drippings add more stock & simmer the sliced beef until hot.

    1. That's close to recipes I've found that DON'T use the packaged italian seasoning.

      Scala does mail order so I might just do that :)

      1. My Italian friend makes great homemade Italian Beef. She uses dry herbs, Italian pickled peppers and some of the juice, salt, pepper, etc. I'll put a call in for the recipe and get back to you.

        1. i live in los angeles and just made for a party and modified recipes i got from chicago restaurant web sites and

          what i found...

          all recipes called for garlic, oregano, salt, pepper and red pepper flakes.
          inserting garlic slivers into the meat is a must
          need lots and lots of time, slow cooking in a 250 oven
          it is great if you have a meat slicer (borrowed one from a friend) to get the real thin slices
          hot giardiniera is available in lots of grocery stores.

          1. Thank you!
            The thin slices is hanging me up a bit. I don't have a slicer or access to one...Do you think having it sliced raw by the butcher and netting it back up would work? I could place garlic slivers between the slices, but do you think it would dry out too quickly?

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              i think it would dry out too quickly. we were going to ask the safeway deli to help us out and then found a friend with the slicer. i bet a neighborhood deli would help.

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                If you make it the day before, you can stick the cooked beef in the freezer, for a couple of hours, and then slice it much more thinly. I did this with a beef tenderloin and it came out beautifully. Especially if you reheat the next day in the juices, I think it would come out quite well.