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Batali vs. Le Creuset

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Just saw a red six-quart Mario Batali dutch oven in the Crate & Barrel holiday catalog for $99.95. This appears to be barely half of the cost of the 5.5-quart Le Creuset. Anybody with experience with the Batali brand? Comments welcomed, thanks.

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  1. Copco produces the Batali line in China; whereas Staub and Le Creuset are both made in France. The only negative that I've heard about the Batali line is that the quality control/inspections are not up to snuff leading to some pieces being shipped out that wouldn't be rejected in the case of Staub or LC. If you check your piece in the store for any surface defects, and it passes muster it should be fine.

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      Thx for the details Sam. Is regular Copco made in China now?

      when I saw the topic, my first thought was Batali abusing his Creuset on the Molto mario show with metal tools . . .
      always makes me cringe!

    2. I've had mine for about four months, and it is my hands down favorite kitchen item. I use it at least twice a week. It cooks great, it cleans up great. I've never had the bucks to by the LC stuff, so I can't compare, but I can't see how I could like it any better. This thing just does everything I ask of it so wonderfully. By the way, it's often on sale at Amazon. I bought mine for $80 and I saw it go as low as $60.

      1. Wait! the persimmon batali 6 quart is on Amazon for $79.99! i just ordered it myself the other day. not sure if this link will work or not...


        1. A friend gave me the orange one for Xmas last year. It cooks and cleans up almost as well as a Le Creuset dutch oven. The main prob is that it chips sooo easily. Before I used it, I had chipped the top edge with the lid. After a few uses, more chips appeared. The quality of the enamel and the construction is simply inferior. But for the money, it does a very comparable job.

          1. There's a long discussion of Batali's pots here:


            I got my persimmon 6-quart two months ago off Amazon for $70 shipped. I've done braised beef ribs in barolo, tuscan white bean soup, a dozen other dishes. It's an excellent value for an enameled iron pot. Highly recommended.

            It ships with 4 little rubber clips for the lid so it doesn't chip when you store the pot. I use them religiously and have yet to chip it. I also only use wooden utensils and silicone tipped tongs.

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              I use the rubber clips, too, when I store it. I'm talking about simply moving it around, washing it, lifting the lid when you're cooking, whatever. It chips easily. I have LC that I've used 100x as much over years, and not even a pinhole has penetrated the surface. That said, the Batali pot still is a nice piece of cookware.

            2. I have the 6 quart pot in Pesto color and really love it. The quality is very good - no flaws. Everything I've made using it has come out as expected and clean up is super easy.

              I do not agree with a comparison of the Batali pots and the ones that Ikea has on offer. The Batali line is far superior in quality in my opinon.

              I guess the real test will be time to see how it wears with regular use as compared to Le Creuset. At this point I'm a real fan.

              1. I just received the lasagne pan as a gift. The pan is impressive, especially the high sides. It makes for a beautiful presentation on the table as well as a 10 layer lasagne. I made a classic bolognese lasagne last Saturday. While I was expecting quite a bit of leftovers, I was disappointed, everyone kept going back for seconds!. I highly recommend this pan.

                1. Well, I went ahead and ordered the six-quart Batali dutch oven on Amazon. I have a sample "Prime" or some-such membership that gives me two-day shipping for free, and they did have it in-stock and on sale for $79.99. With no sales tax or shipping charge.

                  Thanks to everyone for their feedback. I will try to take exceedingly good care of the piece to avoid any chipping of the enamel. I have also been tracking prices for Le Creuset 5.5-quart dutch ovens on Ebay and they are going for at least twice that, not including the additional $20 or so for shipping.

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                    Nosh, check out this site for some great prices on Le Creuset:


                    I got a 7.5-qt dutch oven from here for $164. Ordering and shipping were flawless.

                  2. I paid $59.99 for my 6qt Essentials Batali Stock Pot on Amazon.com! I own a 40+ year old 10 quart LeCrueset. The enamel is worn down to the metal so I researched for the best online deal and came up with the Batali Enameled Cookware. It's really cool and jazzy looking and is very good quality. LeCreuset is great but too expensive.

                    Here's a little secret about the Batali Enameled Cookware; Amazon sells, "used", floor models that are in brand new condition. I think that they're actually brand new but have a barely visible swirl or scratch, etc.

                    I love my Batali Risotto Pot and Stock Pot in new condition purchased as, "used", from Amazon.com. I just used my Risotto pot last night to make mexican rice...comes out perfect every time.

                    1. I've been circling the Le Creuset outlets that have cropped up in my two favorite outlet towns. Suddenly "2nd quality" Le Creuset is quite affordable.