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Dec 4, 2006 07:18 PM

Wilson's or Fords' Filling Station?

Am taking two gals to lunch. One lives in Hawthorne, one in Venice and I live in Santa Monica. Culver City seemed like a good mid-point. Had thought of either Wilson's or Ford's Filling Station--have tried neither. Any other ideas--nice atmosphere, moderate price? Thanks.

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  1. cannot recommend Ford's Filling Station-
    expensive for what it is and mediocre.

    Haven't been to Wilson

    what about Beacon in the same area?- Asian-fusion, delish, nice menu choices, about the same price point or lower $10-15 lunch entrees

    1. Thought I just posted this, but it didn't show up.
      Anyway, go to Wilson, definitely. There are only a very few items at FFF that are actually good, and last I was there, service was still pretty bad. But service had been bad at Wilson too, but at least their food is much better than FFF.

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      1. re: slacker

        Per today's Restaurant Journal in the LAT:
        "Ben Ford has hired former Norman's chef Mike Bryant as chef de cuisine of Ford's Filling Station".
        Maybe the new chef is turning around the food-related issues. Those that ate at Norman's liked the quality of the food.

        1. re: carter

          WOW! That is great news!! :) Perhaps they'll do a pig roast there... ;)


          1. re: Dommy

            oh hell yeah! that would be AWESOME!

          2. re: carter

            Totally missed this post two months ago. Last time I was there was early january, so maybe I'll give it another try.

        2. I agree about Wilson - the food is excellent at lunch (if you don't mind dropping some cash). FFS has been inconsistent and unimpressive the few times I've been there, with spotty service.

          1. You could also try KZO sushi that just opened which right down the street.

            1. In the same area, Bistro de l'Hermitage. (You can search Chowhound - there are threads.) It's a lovely little French place on a very wide scenic sidewalk - great outdoor patio, great food - and be sure to order the chocolate souffle as soon as you get there, for dessert. (Takes time to make.) The halibut - I think it's halibut - is in a truly gorgeous wine/cream/herb sauce.