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Dec 4, 2006 07:12 PM

Downtown Ft Worth... Good Food!

Im going to Downtown Fort Worth the weekend of the 15th. Was wondering if anyone can recommend some good TX style restaurants in the Downtown area? This will be my first time in TX and looking for a place w/ some good TX food. Thanks in advance for any help!

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  1. If you're looking for a downtown restaurant that covers everything Texas, try Reata. They were voted top restaurant in the state by Texas Highways magazine in January. The menu includes gussied-up Tex-Mex and dressed-down Southwestern cuisine in a style that's come to be known as cowboy cooking. Servings are immense, and presentations are casual, almost home-style. It used to be located at the top of the Bank One tower, but has been in at it's current location for 4-5 years now. The atmosphere is Western chic and should give you a memorable Texas dining experience.

    1. for the best mexican (gourmet) in ft. worth (possibly DFW) go to Lanny's Alta Cocina Mexicanca!

      resist going to to Joe t. Garcias. it;s a tourist trap.

      for good ol' southern texas themed's Tim Love's Lonesome Dove restaurant. Get the Prarie Butter (buffalo bone sliced open --spread the bone marrow onto bread. heaven.


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        I checked out the websites for all 3 places, they all look really good! I will certainly try one or two of those. Thank you. Isnt TX also known for big bench seating/BBQ type restaurants? Could you recommend something casual for lunches??

      2. Those great BBQ places are 200 miles south.

        But there's two decent BBQ places about 2 miles west of downtown: Railhead Smokehouse on I-30 at Montgomery, or Angelo's behind Montgomery Plaza on White Settlement Road.

        Riscky's BBQ downtown is passable at best.

        Agree with the other recs above.

        1. yeah...texas is known for the bbq, but it's the hill country (austin and surrounding area) where the bbq is best. i would say DFW is known for steak. i read a couple of years ago that dallas has one steak house for every 20 people in dallas. we love our beef!

          1. Not to quibble with your facts, adkim, but on the basis of there being 1.1 million people living in the city of Dallas, we would have 55,000 steakhouses here... and 291,000 steakhouses if you include the entire DFW MSA.

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              Good point, Kirk. It's probably closer to one steak house for every *fourteen* people in the city of Dallas. By 2012, we can expect every Dallasite to have his or her own steakhouse. Then maybe Addison will annex us.


              1. re: Scott

                I think Addison already has more than one steakhouse per resident, no? And they're approaching one tattoo parlor per adult resident.