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Dec 4, 2006 07:08 PM

Save me from Hogs-n-Heffers

I am traveling to NYC with a jeans/t-shirts crowd that would enjoy the "floor show" at a place like H&H rather than choosing a restaurant based on food/ambiance. I am desperately trying to find some places that are jeans-friendly, unfussy, large portions (steak a plus), good drinks, and decent prices. We are staying at the Sheraton New York near times square. One place that was mentioned to me was Divine Tapas. Any others?

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  1. well for starters and within your parameters how about Rub or Blue Smoke.

    1. does h-n-h serve food? i thought it was liquor only. the old homestead steakhouse is nearby (and delicious), so if your companions are hellbent on going there then you could do so after dinner.

      1. New York steakhouses are expensive. I wouldn't call their prices 'decent' unless they were to cut them in half. You'll be in the meatpacking district if you decide on H&H. There's two decent places you might want to check out [for steak].

        (1) ... in the ... or,

        (2) http://www.theoldhomesteadsteakhouse....
        Go with their signature steak if you enjoy that cut -- Gotham's Rib Steak. Pass on the thinly cut, IMO violated, potato sticks. Ugh. I do enjoy their garlic bread. Some refer to it as "jenga-bread". You'll see why.

        Go to H&H afterwards for a drink. They proof everybody! If you're as old as a T-Rex they still want to see your ID. They like to pry I suppose -- to see where you hail from, etc.

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          Franks? Loved it in it's previous two (or is that now three?) incarnations, but was severely disappointed last time there. It was about a year ago now, so maybe it's improved. But IMHO there's far better places for the buck. Keen's Bar, for example. And much closer to TS.

          1. re: JoanN

            I don't like Frank's, but it's very close to H&H. That's why it was recommended.
            I'll take Keen's over them any day. ...

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              We went to Keen's last time and it was absolutely delicious. Just want to try a different place.

        2. A different approach might be a churrascaria type place. All you can eat different grilled meats. Usually a huge buffet salad bar, appetizers, vegetables, etc.

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                I like Plataforma fine but the OP mentioned "decent prices." It will run them $52 per person before drinks, tax, and tip.

                1. re: Bob Martinez

                  I guess everyone's version of "decent" is different. It sounded like an all-you-can-eat carnivore's delight would fit their bill.

          1. Hogs and Heffers doesn't offer food. If you're going there for a drink, eat in the neighborhood and then go afterward for drinks.

            Divine Bar (which I believe you are referring to) offers small portions at high prices. In other words, it's probably not a great choice.

            You're coming in from out of town. You can do the steakhouse route, going to a more casual steakhouse like Keen's (especially in the previously mentioned bar room, where prices are a bit calmer) or head to the Palm or Palm 2 or Sparks. All of these will be expensive, but you can somewhat comfortably (more at the Palm than Sparks) wear jeans. Another thought might be the wine dinner at Cite, offering unlimited wine and champagne with a three course meal, where your party could get sufficiently drunk while eating a pretty good meal.

            Classic old NYC standbys (and I'm sure there are plenty of naysayers) include the Spanish style restaurants, i.e. Sevilla, Francisco's Centro Vasco, La Paella, etc. where you can eat decently well for moderate sums, Tony DiNapoli, which is a tourist trap in Times Square but offers solid red-sauce Italian food, or asian fusion at Ruby Foos or something similar. Not the best eating in NYC by far, but all solid offerings where the focal point of the evening isn't eating and engaging in a discourse on the offerings.

            Cheap ehtnic options abound, including the 9th Avenue Thai outposts..

            Finally, NY has some pretty good pizza and bar food options. Depending on the size of the group you might want to call ahead, but off the top of my head I can think of Reservoir, Pete's Ale House, Old Towne Bar, etc..

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              I think I like the menu at Francisco's Centro Vasco the best. Thanks for the suggestions.