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Dec 4, 2006 06:49 PM


Ate lunch at Domo, a relatively new Sushi restaurant in the heart of Brookside. We went in on Saturday around noonish. At the time, we were the only people in the restaurant. By the time we finished, there were roughly 6-8 people scattered about. Not sure how the crowd has been on the weekends and such, but the waiter had told me the previous night it was full. I know Nara recently opened downtown, and Jun's isn't all that far away, so I'm not sure whether there are enough sushi eaters in the neighborhood or not. I ordered the Sashimi sampler (14.50), which included 9 generous cuts of salmon, tuna, etc. The wife had a coconut shrimp (or something like this) salad (9.5) which she absolutely loved. I tasted some of it and it was very fresh and a very good quality salad. She can't wait to go have another one. We had a order of Salmon rolls and a order of Domo's specialty rolls as well... All in all, the fish was fresh, the portions were good, and the service itself was just overall very good. It's a bit pricey as I can eat a lot of sushi before getting full, but overall it's about the norm for some of the better places i've been. Will definitely be highly anticipating a return trip...

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  1. Anxious to try Domo - it sounds great. I have been to Nara twice and the sushi is very disappointing both in quality and in selection. Seems like they only had about 6 rolls to choose from...more selection in the sashimi section.

    Lately I've been hitting Sushi Haru at 133rd and State Line. They've got some interesting fusion rolls and everything has been fresh that I've tried. Also Sushi Gin at 95th & Nall - very reasonable.

    As mush as I find displeasure in frequenting chains, Kona Grill has never let me down with their sushi.

    Thanks for the Domo recco - excited to try it!

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      Agree with Nara. Went there today for the 2nd try (first was really disappointing, but I usually give places a second chance). There's just something about the place that doesn't seem like a quality sushi restaurant. Today I ordered an order of salmon and tuna sashimi (5 pieces each). I think the price was $18 for 10 pieces. The pieces were very large, but not the best tasting I've had by far. I wish they'd put together a better sashimi/nigiri special because you can't mix and match very well. For the money, there are way better options for sushi in KC. Also, both times the service hasn't been top notch either. Today I ordered a cup of soup with my sushi which I never recieved. Understandibly, mistakes happen... But last time was pretty much the same story. Anyways, now that i've been there twice and been dissapointed both times, I probably won't go back unless there are better reports.