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Dec 4, 2006 06:47 PM

Looking for the best Philippino Restaurant in San Diego

Thanks in advance, I am looking for authentic and tasty.

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  1. Several nurses at work have recommended Tita's Kitchenette for cheap eat; Kirk reviewed it before.
    I don't have any recommendation for nicer places, but I'm sure there are a few good options down in National City. Someone needs to go try out all the little places around there and report back... I wish I had the time to make the drive.

    1. Mira Mesa Blvd off I-15 has all the filipino restos. Chowking, JOllibee, Red Ribbon and several Asian grocery stores

      1. For some reason, that's "filipino" or "pinoy" for that matter. So there are Jollibee's in the US? Ang gustong pinoy comes from the sugar in the ground beef.

        1. Villa Manila in National City is a good bet. They are not the cheapest but the food is pretty good. I also find that Lutong Bahay also has some dishes that are well done. I've found the Bonita location to be slightly better than the National City one; both are pretty good though. Unfortunately I don't think there are any standout Filipino restaurants in the San Diego area.

          1. Does anyone have a recommendation for sit down Philipino food close to La Jolla? The only places I've been to are in Mira Mesa and they are all fast food cafeteria style places and too greasy for my tastes. I'm looking for a more upscale place if one exists.

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              Villa Manila and Zarlitos in National City are the only non-cafeteria style restaurants I am aware of in the San Diego area; neither of which I would call "upscale" though Villa Manila is a bit better. I've heard there is a "fusion" type eatery called Ben's off Sweetwater but I've also heard that it's not that good if you're looking for authentic food. There once was a pretty good authentic restaurant off Sweetwater called Barrio Fiesta, but they've long since closed shop (which is a shame since they had good food and a nice atmosphere in which to dine in).