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Dec 4, 2006 06:45 PM

New Years Eve

Why is it that even the best restaurants seem to fall apart on New Year's Eve? Has anyone had good, eating out on New Year's suggestions? We usually eat in on New Years and celebrate with friends but we are fairly new to NYC and our apartment is so tiny that we can't invite our friends over for the evening.

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  1. We had a good NYE dining experience a couple of years ago at Savoy in Soho. However we were out of there by 9:30-ish.

    Are you looking to ring in the New Year at a restaurant or just have a nice dinner out and then move on to someplace else?

    1. We have reservations at Lever House for now. Not sure if we'll keep them or not...

      1. It would be nice to be out to ring in the years . . . but I think it's obnoxious that restaurants charge $95 for a sitting at 5:00 pm and $175 for the same food plus maybe 1 course and a glass of champagne.

        We currently have reservations at Il Trulli, but I don't know if I should keep them. Any thoughts?

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          As a rule of thumb, I refuse to go to a restaurant that doesn't offer their normal menu on NYE. Last year we had a group and went to Otto. Perfect place. Lots of small plates of salumi and cheese and some great wine.

        2. Past new years eves-all great-Le Tableau, Gascogne, March, Zoe- this year L'Impero.

          1. babbo and del posto are offering their a la carte menus in addition to special tasting menus. at this point it's probably just very early reservations left at babbo, if any, and i'm sure del posto is booking up fast too.

            i also considered perry st and think they are offering their regular a la carte menu as well.