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need great thai or french vietnemese restaurant

any suggestions??

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  1. Rain can be fun. The food ranges from good to excellent. Below is posting from menupages.com. Good luck....

    Rain ($$$$)
    Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese, Pan-Asian & Pacific Rim

    100 W 82nd St, New York 10024
    Btwn Amsterdam & Columbus Ave

    OpenTable Reservation

    Phone: 212-501-0776

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      been to rain - love it and looking for something similar but downtown..any other suggestions?

    2. Do a quick search of the boards for Safran. Its in Chelsea and has gotten some good early feedback from fellow Chowhounders. I believe it's french Vietnamese.

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        Safran is French Vietnamese. The space is very pretty (esp. downstairs), and the food on my one visit was good.

      2. There's always Kittichai on thompson st in soho.

        When I am in the neighborhood and want drinks with
        my food, I love that place.

        1. that is what i actually had in mind - i have never been but heard good things - just wasnt sure because it is in a hotel..have you ever heard of Hurapan Kitchen?

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              looks very cool - have you actually been?

              1. re: zar212

                yes, great atmosphere, reasonable prices and good food
                a bit sceney with a downtown type crowd

            2. It's been a long time (ten years plus) since I've been to Le Colonial (57th / 3rd) but it was a solid, but pricey French Vietnamese place. I think the great Vietnamese places are mostly downtown -- try all the little places on Baxter Street in Chinatown.

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                love it there - exactly the kind of place i am looking for but we went there 2 years ago for tsame occassion so i was looking for someplace we have never been

              2. Bao Noodles, perhaps?

                1. Whether or not you choose to go to Kittichai, don't let the location make your decision. The place is gorgeous and completely separate from the hotel.

                  1. and good food? i dont mind spending money for a great meal but some of these places are over the top

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                      I just posted about this place. Try Ama ya on 4th between A & B and you will be very pleased. Its not uber fancy but the food is excellent.

                    2. kittichai atmosphere is great and food is very good.
                      there is peep in soho, tigerland in the east village.

                      1. Highline has a good buzz to it. The food I thought was just average though, It is reasonably priced.

                        1. Breeze on 9th Ave. and about 44th St. (maybe 45th?)
                          Thai/French fusion. I've eaten there many times and taken lots of people and everyone has always been impressed w/the food. Best pad thai I've ever had! Creative menu.
                          very hip decor-not exactly my taste, a bit too Madonna, (big film screen showing music videos & music is louder than I like), but worth it. Full bar.

                          1. I found the food at Kittichai to be both interesting and tasty. Most everything I had, from the drinks to the sweets was fresh, well-prepared and worth having.

                            It is certainly not your papaya salad and panang kind of place, but more upscale and slighly different. Worth a trip, or more than one ;o)

                            1. sleeper with great thai and vietnamese food...tigerland, on ave a in the ev. chix coconut soup, papaya salad, angel wings, banh xiao...really fresh ingredients.