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Dec 4, 2006 06:37 PM

Lunch suggestion for this Saturday - North Salem/Brewster area.

We will be 4 adults with baby. We are driving up to the area to stop for some donuts and cider (plus getting some holiday decor) at Salingers and then to check out the North Salem Winery. Any ideas of places for lunch in the area or on our way home (between there and Chappaqua)? Also, any other suggestions for things to do in the area? We would be particularly interested in doing a short hike.

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  1. The Blazer Pub
    Route 22
    Purdys, NY 10578
    (914) 277-4424
    Inexpensive - and good. Call before you go to be sure they're open.

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    1. If you continue down Hardscrabble road past North Salem Vineyard you will come to June Road make a left then a quick right onto Bloomer Rd. Take that to Rt 121 make a left and immediately on your right is 121 Roadhouse.Really nice food and a few cuts above The Blazer. I dont think that it is more than 10 minutes from the vineyard

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      1. re: docooker

        Thanks so much for the recommendation and directions too! We'll check it out:)

      2. Yes, I was going to recommend 121. Verrrry yuppie, but the food was also very good.

        Too yuppie for me to return, but it seems to be THE place in the area.

        Heck, for my money, in addition to Blazer, I'd go to Portofino for one of their (if they still make them) gigantic pizza slices.

        1. Stoneleigh Creek in Croton Falls has a 3 Course Lunch, $14.50. Very nice, duck, Mussels, etc. Call first, they fill up fast.

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          1. re: pbfood

            Sounds interesting. Is it ok to bring an 8 mo old?

            1. re: new_west_foodie

              I guess....not my area of expertise....

              1. re: new_west_foodie

                Stoneleigh Creek has a very nice 3 course lunch which I have enjoyed many a time.Every time that I have been there the diners have been very quiet middle age people. Therefore I do not believe that it is a restaurant suitable for an 8 month old.You are probably better off with The Blazer or 121 Roadhouse. You might even try looking into Primavera in Croton Falls, a short distance from the vineyard.

                1. re: docooker

                  Much as I thought. OK, thanks - I think we are going to try 121. Thanks so much!