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Dec 4, 2006 05:43 PM

Dan Tana's Menu Suggestions

I haven't dined at Dan Tana's in about a year and am set to go there this weekend (taking bf for a celebratory dinner) and I was just wondering if there are any great menu items I am missing? I always order the same thing--Garlic toast, Ceasar salad, Dabney Coleman. Are there any great apps or off-menu items we should try?


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  1. That is exactly what I order and all I ever get - with a side of the spicy marinara pasta, the Diavalo, yum - and I am so happy. I figure, why branch out when those are so good.

    1. It is a great order. No doubt. I personally prefer the chopped salad to the ceasar. Also, if you like veal, I hear the scallopini is divine. And if you don't have that coffee ice cream to end the meal, you're insane!! Happy eating. I'm jealous.

      1. The clams arreganato make for a nice app. I'm a fan of the Sinatra - steak & peppers.

        1. I like their mozzarella marinara (a brick of fried cheese), as well as the fried rav's - the baked lasagna makes for good comfort food too - for main courses I stick to the veal dishes (no way the steak is worth the $$$ IMHO)

          1. I love the italian dressing on the house salad over the caesar.