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Dan Tana's Menu Suggestions

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I haven't dined at Dan Tana's in about a year and am set to go there this weekend (taking bf for a celebratory dinner) and I was just wondering if there are any great menu items I am missing? I always order the same thing--Garlic toast, Ceasar salad, Dabney Coleman. Are there any great apps or off-menu items we should try?


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  1. That is exactly what I order and all I ever get - with a side of the spicy marinara pasta, the Diavalo, yum - and I am so happy. I figure, why branch out when those are so good.

    1. It is a great order. No doubt. I personally prefer the chopped salad to the ceasar. Also, if you like veal, I hear the scallopini is divine. And if you don't have that coffee ice cream to end the meal, you're insane!! Happy eating. I'm jealous.

      1. The clams arreganato make for a nice app. I'm a fan of the Sinatra - steak & peppers.

        1. I like their mozzarella marinara (a brick of fried cheese), as well as the fried rav's - the baked lasagna makes for good comfort food too - for main courses I stick to the veal dishes (no way the steak is worth the $$$ IMHO)

          1. I love the italian dressing on the house salad over the caesar.

            1. I agree with Tom P. The shrimp diavalo is really good. Also, the chicken tana is good (a ton of garlic).

              1. How's the spaghetti and meatballs? The meat ravioli?

                1. The escargot where amoung the best I've ever had... but you have to like garlic.

                  1. Dan Tana's has the best NY steak in town. Most people think ikt is just Italian.