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Dec 4, 2006 05:34 PM

Sunbeam Steamer

I just received a Sunbeam STeamer as a Sectret Santa gift. Any suggestion for what I can do with it (besides just steam veggies)? Does it steam rice? Also, I heard that you can make a great banana bread with it, but need to find the recipe.

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  1. AmberGirl, Steamed potatoes mash much better than boiled potatoes do. (They have absorbed considerably less water.) If you have a potato ricer, so much the better. Also, yellow potatoes--like Yukon Golds--cook much better in a steamer.

    1. I have had two of these over the years (first one broke or was simply worn out!), and absolutely LOVE and adore! Finally, I didn't overcook my veggies! What a revelation! You can par-steam and finish on the stove with butter, garlic, herbs, etc. It is one of those set it and forget it type of things that work! Yes, steams rice! Not sure about the bread...but as I said, simply LOVE it! Enjoy!

      1. Hi, I have just rediscovered my steamer in a cupboard and would like to use it again. Unfortunately I have no instructions and cannot remember how to use it correctly.
        Do I need to use a set amount of water? Or do I just fill the bottom part?
        Some guidance would be appreciated.

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          Many manufacturers have manuals available on their web sites. You might check there first.

        2. There are two lines in the area for low, one high....fill to the lower for things that would steam quickly, high for things that take longer such as artichokes. I know it also makes rice, but honestly, I don't have my booklet and don't remember the instructions. Why don't you email or call Sunbeam and ask for a duplicate. It also depends on what model you have. I had the original round that lasted for over a decade at least, and when it finally gave out bought an oval one.

          1. Thanks for that i'll try Sunbeam too.