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Dec 4, 2006 05:34 PM


Ate at Ikaros 2 Saturdays ago. Review below.

Location is good. 2029 Yonge St. Yonge and Eglinton/Midtown needs an authentic Greek/Medi eatery, (non Mr.Greekish fare and feel.) Directly across the street from St.Louis wins, believe the space was a picture framing store previously. It's about 2 months old so, its only now starting to build a loyal, local base of clients. Modern feel to the tradional Greek kitchen.

Design/Decor (D&D). 8.5/10

Very pleasant. I like what they have done with the small space (seats around 40ish). The complaint I have consistenly had with Greek rest's are that they dont place a premium on the d&d of their spaces. Ikaros has very nice floors, chairs and understated design on the walls. Washrooms were a bit small and boring though.
Great, subtle atmoshphere.

Service. 7/10.

Host was very friendly and welcoming. Our server was polite and attentive but, seemed distracted and tired. Could have caught them on an off night. To their credit we lingered over our apps and after desert and we were not disturbed or rushed whatsover.


We shared the zucchini, goat, spanakopita, fried eggplants. All were very well done with the spanakopita and fried eggplants being the favourites.


We had the swordfish, lamb chops, pork in baked phylo and grouper. All were accompanied by a choice of starch, or vegs. No obligatory greek saled here. The lamb chops, pork in phylo and the swordfish were delicious. The grouper was also good but, didnt stand out as much.


Mostly Greek and Ontario focus. Had a nice rich and bold argiotiko that complimented our meat dishes. Our Fish eaters in the group are non-alcholics. The wine list could be expaned with more new world choices.


Traditional Greek choices. Would like to see this area rounded out to include more non-Greek options.


Ikaros provides a very worthwhile choice in midtown, providing excellent mains, in a comfortable, unrushed setting with a good price to food ratio. You will not leave hungry. Ikaros doesn't pretend to be Rain and nor does it charge prices similar to Rain.

Not exactly remiscent of Parea or Onera in NYC or Le Mediterranee in Berkley (all very good choices) but, a very good choice for upscalish greek in midtown and we highly recommend it. The chef also came out to intro himslef and speak with the patrons.

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  1. I ate at Ikaros on Friday. I agree with 88GK. The restaurant is great as is the food. Unlike many of the other greek restaurants i frequent, Ikaros serves a truly traditional meal. The chef who politely introduced himself indicated to me that none of his food is pre-cooked, which would explain the quality of the meal. The waitress i had was exceptionally professional and courteous. I would highly recommend this restaurant to all intersted in a truly authentic meal.

    1. Went back to Ikaros last night. last minute gathering with the rest of the family. again a very good experience, got to know the owners a bit better this time. Their spanakopita is very very good.

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        Thanks for the pioneer reviews, folks. I live at Mt. Pleasant and Davisville and have anticipated their opening for some time. Now I know that I will have to visit them for sure.

      2. went back there for lunch today. awesome value. The menu is more limited than their dinner menu obviously but, the 6 main options are very well prepared and extremely well priced.

        1. Prompted by this thread, and a desire for Greek food closer to us than the Danforth, my wife and I tried Ikaros tonight. First off, the good.. We started off with a pikilia and the dips were excellent, particularly the Skordalia and Melitzonasalata. They were served with warmed bread which was nice but not as good as Ouzeri's homemade pita as an accompinament. Additionally, there wasn't nearly enough bread for the dips, and I never got a chance to ask for more as our server didn't return.

          For the mains, I had the seafood souvlaki. Seafood was nicely charred but skimpy in portion (3 shrimps, one scallop and a few flakes of fish) and the sides were fine if you're into steamed carrots, cauliflower and rice, but I would've hoped for something a little tastier, and a little less run of the mill. My wife's "breast of lamb" was a) not a very nice cut and b) remarkably bland. As far as the value quotient is concerned, they have many reasonably priced Greek wines but the food value isn't all that impressive given portion size, and ingredient cost. Granted, most mains are under 20, but I'd prefer to pay a little more and get a little more, if need be. Service was decent except for the fact that they were MIA the time I needed them most (to scoop up some nice dips!) and the ambience is nice, so it's not a bad place to have in the area but not worth making a trek out for. I'll stick to Avli when the next urge for Greek hits.

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            interesting. We were also there last night and had quite a different experience. Loved the look of the place, it really is a nice space.

            The service was also quite good, friendly and attentitive. We had the spanakopita and melitzonasalata and they were quite good. The mains were also very tasty, my wife also having the lamb which she really enjoyed. I will grant you that the sides are rather simple, carrots and starch but they were well done and went well with the mains. And value was good for under $75. very happy with this new addition to the hood.

          2. went back to ikaros on Friday, this time with the wife and kids. the waitor was very friendly and recommended a very nice red wine, Ampelou Gis I believe. We started off with the greek bruchetta, combo dips and calamari for the kids. all apps were very well prepared. I cant say enough about the calamari. my kids gobbled it all up in 2 minutes flat. For main course, i had the chicken and shrimp corfu, my wife had the mousaka and the kids both had souvlaki. The kids wanted french fries and although not on the menu, the chef cut fresh potatoes and made fries for the kids. The sauce on the chicken and shrimp was very unique and absolutely mouthwatering. I tried my wifes mousaka and it melted in my mouth. i cant say enough about the food in this place. For desert we tried the baklava, also very nice. The menu could use a few more dessert items, but overall i highly recommend it.