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Dec 4, 2006 05:32 PM

Holiday No Bake Cookies for Dummies

Actually, for one dummy (me) and my smart family. I am gathering nieces/nephews and would love a no-bake cookie recipe. Healthier or lower sugar options are more than welcome. Nothing is off limits. We are blessed with no food allergies and gladly scarf peanut butter, coconut, whatever.

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  1. OK, these aren't exactly healthy but they are delicious/addictive:

    Peanut Clusters

    melt one bag chocolate chips and one bag butterscotch chips
    stir in 3 c. salted, roasted peanuts (could do unsalted)
    drop in clusters on wax paper, parchment or silpat and chill

    1. Do you think I could use Ghiradelli bars instead of chocolate chips? I have too many to admit lying around. This sounds like a great recipe! Thanks! Keep em coming

      1. Yup. If you have a kitchen scale you could probably do it by weight (or just add up the ounces of each bar). This recipe is impossible to screw up. I should have mentioned that if you use the stove you'll want to use a double boiler. I don't own one (not really essential, IMO) so I just put a metal bowl over a pot of about 2 in. simmering water (bowl should fit in the pot, but not touch the water). You could also use the microwave.

        1. here's a recipe that a wonderful CH poster sent me in answer to my post searching for an old recipe. i would leave out the egg and coconut. my lost version had no egg, and the balls were coated in conf sugar.

          about 18 hours ago dfrostnh replied

          Here is the recipe from the first community cookbook I ever owned dated 1965. I haven't made these in years but they used to be a Christmas staple.
          Date and Nut Balls
          1/2 C butter
          1 C sugar
          1 C dates, cut up
          1/2 tsp salt
          1 egg, beaten well
          Melt butter, add sugar, dates, salt and egg. Cook on top of stove on very low heat for 10 minutes. Take from stove and add:
          1/3 C chopped nuts
          2 C rice crispies
          Stir well. Cool until mixture can be handled. Form into balls the size of walnuts. roll each in finely shredded coconut. Very pretty on a tray of assorted cookies.

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          - about 12 hours ago opinionatedchef replied to dfrostnh

          i can't believe it!!!!!! if no one has told you this yet today,d, you are an AMAZING woman!!!! w/o the egg, this IS the recipe, i'm sure. I SOOO appreciate your taking the time to find this for me!!
          i used pecans and no egg(really not needed; the cookies hold together fine w/o it) or coconut. they really were special, and not as cloyingly sweet as one would think.

          thank you again,d.

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          about 12 hours ago danna replied to opinionatedchef

          I made those last Christmas for the first time...possibly ever...since my Mom used to make them when I was a child. I decided to go a little retro and de-snobbify myself, so I made those and the midnight balls made from oreos. Enjoyed them both immensely.

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          about 7 hours ago Anne H replied

          My recipe is without egg--

          3/4 stick of butter
          3/4 cup brown sugar
          1 heaping cup chopped dates

          Simmer and mix in skillet 10 minutes, then remove from heat and add

          2 cups rice cereal
          1 tsp vanilla

          Form balls (grease hands with butter to prevent sticking)

          My recipe has no nuts in it, but I'm making a note and will add them the next time, it sounds good.

          1. I have to tell you, dates are such a holiday staple. I love it. Thanks, guys!