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Good lunch take-out place in Waltham

I'm going to be in Waltham tomorrow and would like to find a good take-out lunch place near Waltham Center (Main Street area). I have been to Carl's many times for their steak & cheese subs. I'm looking for other good places. Are their any good take-out places?

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  1. Have you been to Dominic's, its about a block away from Carl's.

    1. I haven't been to Dominic's but I do know where it is. What's good at Dominic's?

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        I like the saltimbocca and their pre-made sandwiches (atun, melanzane) etc. Their arancini doesn't compare to Umberto for me, but hits the spot at times. Not a huge fan of their pastas. Don't be afraid of the line, it usually moves quickly.

        People either love or hate their bread (ciabatta).

      2. I love the arancini and pizza from Galleria Umberto. Is there a good Mexican place in Waltham? Any good burritos, nachos, tamales and enchiladas?

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          I would have suggested Taqueria Mexico above, but have enjoyed it more for eat-in than take out. Its on Charles St, just off Moody (one-way wrong way) right near the Main St intersection. I often eat the Presidente plate, but enjoy their gorditas too (personal preference over the tacos). Decent agua fresca de jamica (sorrel-based sweet tea) and fresh squeezed orange juice. I also used to go there to cure my craving for refried beans.

          Taqueria El Amigo is a bit of a hike, but if you end up coming from Watertown or Newton its worth a stop.

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            I like El Amigo a lot. Very authentic and friendly. Only negative is that the chips we had were from a bag (and not the best bag).....not homemade. :-( Everything else was like home-cooked food. Excellent.

        2. In addition to Itaunas's great recommendations (which would also be at the top of my list) I'd add Elephant Walk for good cambodian and Baan Thai for very respectable thai. They're next to each other on Main St., a few steps from where Moody St. begins. I don't think Elephant Walk (formerly Carambola, the owners changed the name to match their other restaurants -- there are older posts on this board using that name) can hold a candle to Floating Rock as a cambodian food destination, but it's certainly a good option in the area. Baan Thai is also quite good (with a very sweet staff) and a little cheaper.

          Re Domenic's, I haven't tried the pastas, but I've loved everything else I've had there except chicken parm -- it sits in the steam tray too long and gets a bit leathery. In addition to their special panini, they also make regular deli sandwiches -- full variety of cold cuts, along with a very good tuna salad studded with artichoke hearts -- on the same bread, which raises the level considerably.

          One note on both taquerias -- I prefer El Amigo but they're both good -- burritos there are kind of an afterthought. I've always stuck with tacos and tortas and been very happy.

          Oh, one more -- if you have the need for speed, New York Deli (a block off Main St, near Moody) has the fastest sandwich makers I've ever seen anywhere. The food won't win any awards (it's fine -- I had a particular weakness for the grilled chicken sandwiches when I worked nearby) but the staff might. You can be in and out in less than a minute if the line is short.

          1. Another vote for Domenics. I really like their pastas, especially their chicken broccoli ziti, their ziti with basil and fresh mozzarella, and their ravioli in a cream sauce with peas.

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              I, too, am a huge fan of Dominic's, but much prefer their sandwiches to their pastas and other hot items.

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                I forget the italian names for them but they also offer 2 different fried balls. One is rice w/ colcut bits and cheese and the 2nd similar but with potato rather then rice. tasty.

            2. If you want the whole story on Domenic's here is the link www.getdoms.com. Be sure to try a sandwich.

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                What sandwich do you like at Domenic's?

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                  I went to Dominic's in Waltham today for lunch. I got a veal parm sandwich and some arancini (rice balls). The veal parm sandwich was okay but very small. For $8.50 I got a large sandwich but it looked very small. The sandwich was pricey. I should have gone to Bob's in Medford and would have had a huge veal parm sandwich for $7.75. The arancini (rice balls) were also small and $2.95 each. They only had diced ham inside and cheese. I'm used to arancini that have ground beef, tomato sauce, peas and cheese inside. I like the arancini at Galleria Umberto better.

              2. For larger sandwiches (and some interesting variations) in Waltham, you could give Pizzi Farm a try. Its closer to Trapelo and 128... and its not going to be the same as Bob's (they nuke the chicken parm), but I found it as a nice alternative from time to time. I like the John Deere (corned beef and stuff), their Ruben was better than I expected, and even the nuked chicken with ham and cheese was pretty good. Their french bread is a safer bet.

                I definately agree with you on the arancini at Dominic's and their sandwiches fall into the expensive category for me, but some of them are worth it.