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Dec 4, 2006 04:53 PM

Bologna for a non-red meat eater

I know, I know, it is insane to go to Bologna and not eat meat. I'll be there (and Ravenna) in late February, and am looking forward to a few great meals. I do not eat red meat, but do eat poultry, love seafood, etc. and am (aside from the meat thing) a very adventurous eater. Any recommendations out there for great meals in Bologna that don't revolve around meat? The restaurants so far on my short list are Cesarina, Il Conte Bistrot and Il Cantuccio. Anyone have any information or thoughts on these? Would also love recommendations on any interesting wine bars there. Thanks very much in advance for any information or advice you can give me.

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  1. Bologna is a fabulous city! Whatever you do or don't eat! Great food markets, restaurants, and a lively night life! And no tourists! The best food in Italy, every Itaian says!
    Email me and I can send an on line album of Bologna.
    Robert C. Harvey

    1. There's always Parma by train. Guess where Parmagiano Reggiano comes from? Enjoy Emilia-Romagna!

      1. Thanks to you both. Foodphoto, I'd love to see your pix. I'm only there for a long weekend, so I'm picking Ravenna as my side trip (gotta see those murals). I guess there isn't any real info out there on especially good seafood restaurants in Bologna. Thanks again to both of your for your replies,

        1. Give it one more try...the URL below is for restaurants.

          1. many restaurants offer fish and poultry in Bologna, I think you will have good luck with that, based on a scan of my slowfood and my 5-yr old gambero rosso guides. Places like Da Cesari, Caminetto d'Oro, Battibecco etc offer fish on their menus - other, smaller places are likely to have faraona, anatra and other poultry dishes, cheese-filled pasta, etc. You should do fine.

            The mosaics in Ravenna are stunning.

            Enjoy and please post back what you find.